More Screenshots Have Been Released For The Remastered Dead Rising Games, Check Them Out
Capcom revealed some new screenshots for the upcoming remastered editions of Dead Rising, giving gamers a look at how the first two games will appear on the eighth gen home consoles. If you've already seen Dead Rising on Xbox 360 or Dead Rising 2 on PC then you know what to expect.
See The First Screenshots Of Pokemon Go Unveiled
You know what this world needs? More Pokemon, of course. Thankfully, we’ll soon be able to capture the little critters no matter where we go as Pokemon Go preps for its mobile launch. And now we’ve even got some additional details and a couple of images of the game in action, too.
GTA 5 PC Screenshots Show Off Updated Graphics
Grand Theft Auto 5 has been on the market for nearly 18 months, which is an eternity in video game years. Yet, Rockstar Games hasn't ditched the title for greener pastures. And if this new batch of screenshots is any indication, Los Santos is about to get a major upgrade.
Project Adventurer, Uncharted Clone For Xbox 360, PC Gets New Screenshots
Project Adventurer, an action-adventure game for the Xbox 360 and PC from small-time development studio The Farm 51, has received a smattering of new screenshots that sport a few shots of the game's exotic locations set during the timely era of the 1930s.
42 High-Res Screenshots From The Excellent Hunger Games Trailer
This morning, the excellent trailer for The Hunger Games arrived online, giving us a pretty good look at the movie, which unfortunately won’t hit theaters until next year. We grabbed some screenshots from the trailer for those of you who want a better look.
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35 High-Res Screenshots From The Snow White And The Huntsman Trailer
Earlier today we posted the first trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman. It not only gave us a look at what the film will be about, but it also offered numerous glimpses at the excellent special effects set to be featured in the movie. We grabbed some screenshots from the trailer so you can get a better look at some of the best moments from the video.
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70 High-Res Images From The Captain America: First Avenger Trailer
When a new trailer comes online that has some cool imagery and/or a lot of quick cuts, we here at Cinema Blend like to highlight it by going through the video frame by frame and plucking out all of the greatest moments. Few movies are better fit for this process than the trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger that was just released.
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80 High-Res Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 Trailer Screencaps
We've selected over 80 key screenshots from the new trailer, which you can see in the gallery below. Check out our first look at the mermaids who are a key part of Jack's quest
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100 High-Res Images From The Thor Trailer
Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that today marked the release of the first official trailer for next summer’s superhero blockbuster and we’re more than happy to go through it frame-by-frame so you
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Heroes Of Bestia New Wallpaper And Screenshots
New screenshots and wallpaper have been released for the upcoming multi-genre, browser-based MMO by IGG, Heroes of Bestia. And if you don't mind half-naked women on your desktop then you'll probably like the new wallpaper.
Weekly Recap July 25th: Activision Steals From EA, Halo 3: ODST Vs M.A.G, Comic-Con
From July 19th to the 25th we had a fast-paced week with some snazzy news that’s definitely worth checking out.
Dungeon Raiders: Mario Meets Lord Of The Rings
So what happens when a Glandalf, Luigi and a guy named Extermino all come together for the wackiest, unlikely adventure ever? Well, you get Dungeon Raiders, the upcoming new title by CDV and Focus Home Interactive. The game is a multi-character adventure due out for the Nintendo DS.
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, Better Looking On PS3?
CDV has recently released some new screenshots for Sacred 2: Fallen Angel for the PS3. And if I must say so, the game seems to sport clearer textures and better resolution for the PS3 version of the game. The new set of screenshots reveals everything and you can take a look for yourself.
Fallout 3 And Borderlands Screenshot Comparison
Gamers thought it necessary to do comparisons with Borderlands and Fallout 3. Personally, I feel both games only share certain RPG elements, and that’s all. But here at Blend Games, we heed the request of gamers. Thus, here is your comparison.
Resistance 2 And Halo 3 Screenshot Comparison
Since it wasn’t really possible to compare screens in our weekly battle between Resistance 2 and Gears 2, we thought it would be a great idea to compare the graphics of one console exclusive FPS to another.
TGS 08: inFamous, PS3 Screenshots
inFamous is a pretty cool game that deals more with the morals of being a superhero than the actual end-means of superheroism. To get a better look at this open-world, action title, we have some new screenshots from TGS 08.
Legendary Screenshots And Achievement List For Xbox 360
I always feel it’s a little cheating to see the achievement list before actually playing the game. But, if you’re the kind of gamer who doesn’t mind a little help with the hard stuff, I guess it’s not such a bad thing to take a look after all (cheater).
Universe At War: Earth Assault Details And Screenshots
SEGA’s new futuristic RTS, Universe at War: Earth Assault, is almost ready for you to play. But before you do we thought we’d let you know a bit about the game. We do this because we like you, and also because we have new screenshots to share.
Ikaruga Coming For XBLA Soon? Screenshots Inside
Ikaruga is another damn shooter coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade. Treasure’s brilliant piece of gaming is a significant step above your average XBLA shooter. And the upscrolling shooter has gotten much attention as rumors of a 2008 release rebound across the internet.
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