Stand By Me’s 5 Greatest Moments, Ranked
Stand By Me is officially 30 years old this week. So what better time to sit back and bask in its glory? Here are the movie's five greatest moments.
5 Things Stephen King's IT Miniseries Got Right
In 2017, theatergoers will face down an evil that spans generations when Stephen King's behemoth of a 1986 novel IT is finally adapted for the big screen. But let's not forget that there are a ton of great things about the original TV miniseries.
Stephen King's It Movie Reveals Our First Look At Richie
The latest "first look" from the It remake is of Richie, one of the members of The Losers' Club. Check it out!
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An It Producer Just Made Some Strange Comments About Netflix's Stranger Things
The Duffer Brothers, the guys behind Stranger Things, recently admitted that they tried to get the It job... which makes the newest comments by an It producer sound really -- well, strange
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The Stephen King Movie The Guys Behind Stranger Things Desperately Wanted To Make
The hit Netflix series Stranger Things has seen numerous comparisons to the work of Stephen King. It's clear that The Duffer Brothers hold the author in high regard. However, it turns out they love one of his books so much they tried to direct the movie version.
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How Stephen King Feels About Netflix's Stranger Things
Author Stephen King has been captivating audiences with his books for decades, which has helped make him a decent pop culture barometer for his fanbase. Particularly when it comes to projects that go bump in the night. Here's what he thought about Netflix's new horror show Stranger Things.
How The Dark Tower Movie Plans To Borrow From All Seven Of Stephen King’s Books
Since The Dark Tower adaptation plans to start the story in the middle of the action, fans have wondered just how the Stephen King franchise will adapt to film, and what portions of the mythology will end up on screen. Thankfully, new information has come to light that lays this information down rather simply.
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How Stephen King Inspired Netflix's New Show Stranger Things
Netflix's creepy new series Stranger Things has put the streaming service on the map in the horror genre, and it turns out that the producers were inspired by horror master Stephen King in Season 1.
How The Dark Tower Will Connect To The Shining
The Dark Tower is Stephen King's magnum opus which connects many of the writer's novels into a single universe. It turns out the movies based on those books will do the same thing.
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Pennywise The Clown From Stephen King's It Looks Terrifying, See Him Now
Last month, it was reported that Hemlock Grove star Bill Skarsgård will play the new Pennywise in the It movie, and now we have our first look at the actor as the demonic clown as the movie is still early into principal photography.
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Stephen King's It Adaptation Adds A Bloodline Actor For A Key Kid Role
The adaptation for It is continuing to fill out the rest of its cast with non-clown characters. The latest actor to join comes from Bloodline and he'll play an important role in the story. Hit the jump to learn all the details.
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The It Movie May Have Found Its New Pennywise
The It remake has struggled to get off the ground for years, but in recent months, the project has finally started to make progress. Now it (pun intended) may have finally found the new actor to play Pennywise the Clown.
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Another Stephen King TV Series Is In The Works
Stephen King works get adapted on a regular basis, so it's not really a surprise to hear the announcement that another one of his bestsellers is getting adapted as a TV show.
Stephen King May Have Just Revealed A Major Clue About The Dark Tower
Fans of Stephen King’s Magnum Opus The Dark Tower are elated that the long-gestating film project is finally moving forward, but some of the casting news has them scratching their heads. Now, King may have let some big info drop.
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The Dark Tower Movie: What We Know So Far
Sony Pictures has greenlit the long-gestating adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, a seven-book series that could produce as many films, or may venture off into television for a portion of its run. The first movie in the series has a director, a cast and a release date. Why don’t we start there?
The Dark Tower Is Looking To Add This Young Sundance Star
A young up and comer from this year's Sundance Film Festival is currently in talks for a major part in the upcoming Dark Tower adaptation.
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Stephen King's It Movie Is Really Happening, Part 1 Has A Release Date
After spending years in development hell, it now seems that the latest incarnation of Stephen King's It will hit theaters next year.
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The Shining Sequel Just Took A Huge Step Forward, Get The Details
Doctor Sleep is moving forward, with an official writer hired to make Stephen King's sequel come to life on the big screen. Read on to see who the lucky person is, and how their qualifications make them an interesting hire.
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The Dark Tower Is Officially Happening, With A Major Twist
The Dark Tower plans to begin shooting in the next few weeks, aiming for a January 13, 2017 release date. Are you excited to see Roland and his ka-tet finally making it to the big screen?
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Stephen King's The Mist May Become A TV Series
TV has been something of a reboot-a-palooza recently as old franchises are brought back to life and films are restructured as series. Spike TV is looking to do something different with a potential new show based on the classic Stephen King novella The Mist, and things are moving forward.

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