Paramedics Were Called To A Movie Theater Screening A Grisly New Horror Movie
It was expected that like other horror movies, Raw was going to be shocking when shown in Toronto. However, what many, if not any, didn't anticipate was that it would be so shocking that paramedics had to show up.
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Horns Movie To Premiere At Toronto Film Festival
Benedict Cumberbatch isn't the only U.K. actor with multiple films lined up for the Toronto Film Festival this year. Daniel Radcliffe will also be featured in more than one movie screening at TIFF, one of which is the anticipated adaptation of Joe Hill's dark mystery Horns, which will make its world premiere at the festival. The other film is John Krokidas' drama Kill Your Darlings, in which Radcliffe plays poet Allen Ginsberg.
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Benedict Cumberbatch To Take Over The Toronto Film Festival In Three Different Films
Now he's taking his universally beloved roadshow up north, with no fewer than two high-profile films now set to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. Programmers announced the fest's Gala and Special Presentations lineup, and Cumberbatch will be starring in three of them-- opening night offering The Fifth Estate, in which he plays Julian Assange, and the ensemble dramas August: Osage County and 12 Years A Slave
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David Cronenberg's Films Becoming An Augmented Reality Game
Could you possibly think of a more fitting tribute (or retrospective) for David Cronenberg, the man known for his exploration of the mind, the body and our ever changing and immersive relationship with technology, than an augmented reality game that explores the worlds of his films? I don't fully know what to expect, all I know is I can't wait to find out more... but I'm not getting a bio-port.
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Madonna Reportedly Agrees To Make Cuts To Maligned Romance Drama W.E.
The pop icon did appear at a Toronto press conference, where she pleaded with journalists not to let their opinion of the singer color their reviews. But she should be happy that The Weinstein Company is allowing her a chance to go back and make edits before the film sees the light of day. Precious few filmmakers get such a second chance.
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Abigail Breslin And Alessandro Nivola Share The Stage In Janie Jones Poster
Director David M. Rosenthal’s Janie Jones has been kicking around since it premiered one year ago at the Toronto International Film Festival, and then showed at Tribeca last April. The film has been landing solid reviews and will finally be seeing a release on October 28th
Lovely Molly Trailer And Clip: Horror Film By Eduardo Sanchez
In the case of the horror film Lovely Molly, the phrase “the pst comes back to haunt you” takes on a more literal meaning and judging by this trailer, haunt seems to be a bit of an understatement. The film, which is directed by Blair Witch Project co-director Eduardo Sanchez, premiered this weekend at TIFF and now the trailer, and an eery clip have made their way online.
Martha Marcy May Marlene Gets Beautiful New Poster, Creepy Long Trailer
Fox Searchlight brings Sean Durkin’s Martha Marcy May Marlene to the Toronto International Film Festival next week, making it the third fest stop for this buzzed-about thriller after Sundance and Cannes (where it largely received raves). In preparation for the splashy TIFF premiere, the studio has released a longer trailer and teased a gorgeous poster for the film.
Humpday Director Lynn Shelton Lines Up Laggies As Her Next Project
The Seattle native is ready to lens Laggies, which centers on a 28-year-old woman in a state of arrested development who responds to her boyfriend’s marriage proposal by fleeing. She tells him she’s going on a retreat, when, in fact, she ends up hanging out with high-school-aged friends who continue to let her escape the reality of growing up
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Exclusive TIFF Interview: Bunraku Director Guy Moshe Makes His Crazy Labor Of Love
The look of the film is some crazy combination of puppet theater, video games, comic books and Hong Kong action; the added fact that this is all taking place in a world with no guns
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TIFF Exclusive Interview: Errol Morris Embraces Sleaze With Tabloid
With his new film Tabloid Morris is still exploring how one American caused a stir overseas, but with comedic and hyperbolically unreal results. His subject this time is Joyce McKinney
Passion Play Miraculously Picked Up For Distribution At Toronto
The Megan Fox and Mickey Rourke starring Passion Play, which was so odd and widely loathed at the festival I predicted no one would ever distribute it, has been picked up for a theatrical release
TIFF Wrap-Up: The Winners, Losers, And Weirdos Of Toronto 2010
Nobody can comprehensively cover a festival as large as Toronto-- with 246 movies on the slate, you'd practically need a month to get through them all-- so the best I can do is give you my take
TIFF Review: Ceremony Is Clever, Sweet, And A Little Rough Around The Edges
It took me some time to warm up to Max Winkler's Ceremony, a jaunty comedy starring the familiar cinematic figure of a confident young man
TIFF Review: Repeaters Knocks Off Groundhog Day And Gets Away With It
Be warned-- I may have only enjoyed this so much because it came in the middle of a film festival, and watching a movie with zero subtext and limited narrative logic was an odd pleasure
TIFF Review: Submarine Is Much More Than Just The Welsh Rushmore
Using the bleak imagery of coastal Wales to great effect, Ayoade adapts Joe Dunthorne's novel with endless original touches, from Oliver's wry and funny voiceover to masterful shifts in tone
TIFF Review: Rachel Weisz And A Powerful Story Bring Heart To The Whistleblower
It's not the best film I've seen at the festival, and will struggle to find an audience with its earnest politics and brutal depiction of violence
TIFF Exclusive Interview: Max Winkler, Michael Angarano And Jake Johnson Of Ceremony
Film festivals are usually great places to catch searing dramas and documentaries, but good comedies are so rare that, when they arrive
TIFF Exclusive Interview: John Cameron Mitchell Holds Back On Rabbit Hole
Maybe the most fascinating thing about it is Mitchell himself, making a significant transition from his first two films to this restrained, tender, sometimes surprisingly funny film
TIFF Interview: Edward Norton Talks Screenwriting And Meeting Prisoners For Stone
Read below as Norton talks about basing his character on real prisoners, working on the screenplay with director John Curran, and how he's seen
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