Jack Reacher 2 Wants You to Punch A Ton Of Bad Guys In Its Online Video Game
The folks at Paramount Pictures don't want fans to go through this life without knowing what it's like to beat up bad guys as Jack Reacher, which is why they've released a new online video game.
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Tom Cruise Back For Mission: Impossible 6 After Unexpected Production Delay
Production was halted on Mission: Impossible 6 over a pay dispute, but now everything is all settled and ready to resume. Cue the theme music!
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Awesome Tom Cruise Video Shows How Often He Runs Through His Best Movies
Tom Cruise would have been awesome as a silver screen version of the Scarlet Speedster, DC's superhero The Flash. In fact, we didn't notice it until recently, but Cruise has been auditioning for the role of The Flash practically his whole career.
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11 Awesome Movies You Need To Watch Before They Leave Netflix in September
Netflix just revealed the movies that they will be taking away in September. We filtered through the list and ended up with almost a dozen titles that you need to catch up on, if you haven't yet, as well as the day they're going to disappear.
Mission Impossible 6 Just Hit A Major Snag, Find Out Why
Following the critical and commercial success of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Mission Impossible 6 was all set to go. However, the movie has hit a snag during the pre-production phase.
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Tom Cruise’s Drug-Smuggling Thriller Just Got Delayed, Here’s Why
Tom Cruise's upcoming drug-running thriller, American Made, has just suffered a major delay from Universal, but it looks like the right decision for the film.
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See The First On Set Photo Of Tom Cruise’s The Mummy
We've finally managed to get our first official look at Universal's upcoming reboot of The Mummy franchise, with Tom Cruise front and center.
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The 10 Highest Grossing Movie Stars Of All Time
We all like to know how much a movie is making at the box office, but now we're going to shift focus to the actors who help make those movies. Hit the jump to find out who the highest grossing actors in Hollywood are.
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The Full Jack Reacher 2 Trailer Is Here And It's Taking No Prisoners
There are so many Jack Reacher stories, thanks to the prolific writings of Lee Child, that Tom Cruise could crank out a dozen more of these movies without missing a beat.
First Jack Reacher 2 Trailer Proves No One Can Stop Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise is back in action as wandering military vet Jack Reacher, a towering figure of justice who has been part of a series of novels by author Lee Child for years. Cruise first brought the character to the big screen in Jack Reacher in 2012, and the film made enough money to justify a sequel.
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13 Celebrities South Park Made Fun Of In Particularly Vicious Ways
Here are 13 celebrities that were victims of South Park's blunt force humor over the 19 seasons in which just about every aspect of our culture has been steamrolled, stacked and burned.
See Jack Reacher’s Return In The First Photos From Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
While Jack Reacher was not the box office smash that Tom Cruise gets with Mission:Impossible, it was a big enough hit to justify a sequel. Now, we have our first look at Tom Cruise going back for Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.
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Quiz: Guess The Tom Cruise Movie From Just One Image
Whether he's leading an action movie or showing off his acting abilities in a drama, Tom Cruise delivers the goods. If you're a fan of movies, odds are, you've seen more than a few of his. But just how well will you recognize them from just one picture? Take our quiz to find out.
Tom Cruise's Mummy Movie May Pick Up Another Major Oscar Winner
One of the movies in Universal’s new monster movies series will be The Mummy reboot, led by Tom Cruise. Now there’s word that Oscar winner will be joining him on the main cast as a major character.
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The Preacher Joke Tom Cruise Reportedly Wasn't Very Happy About
With Preacher set to premiere at the end of this month, we’ve already seen footage and know quite a bit about the series, including a sideplot in the pilot revolving around Tom Cruise. Apparently, the man's camp wasn't really excited the joke.
What Jerry Maguire Actually Wrote In The Mission Statement That Got Him Fired
2016 marks the 20th anniversary of Tom Cruise’s Jerry Maguire. The drama about a sports agent who has a breakdown earned several Oscar nominations in 1996, including a win for Cuba Gooding Jr. for Best Supporting Actor,
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The Awesome Perk That Sold Tom Cruise On Starring In Top Gun, According To Jerry Bruckheimer
Top Gun has become such a classic film at this point that it’s difficult to believe that it was difficult to get the actor they wanted to star in it. Apparently, Tom Crusie wasn't always excited about flying jets.
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Tom Cruise's Edge Of Tomorrow 2 Just Took A Huge Step Forward
While Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise's time traveling alien action movie, was not a huge hit in the US, it did reasonably well following strong word of mouth and great critical reviews. However, the overseas take was such that Warner Bros. is ready to talk sequel
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Tom Cruise's Mummy Movie Adds New Girl's Jake Johnson, Here's Who He'll Be Playing
The Mummy reboot has just landed a comedic actor who might have the right stuff when it comes to defeating an ancient evil. Read on to see how Jake Johnson may have just landed a career defining role.
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Tom Cruise's The Mummy May Have Found Its Female Lead
Among the various franchises that studios are currently building into “universes” sit some of the most classic movie monsters ever. Universal seems to be moving forward very quickly with the reboot of The Mummy as they just signed the new female lead.
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