Could Tron 3 Still Happen? Here's What The Producer Says
Disney's Tron was something of a cult hit back in its day, which meant decades would pass before a sequel would ever come to be. However, that movie's audience failed to be big enough to keep the franchise alive. While there were originally plans for a third film, Disney eventually cancelled them, putting the franchise on the shelf once again.
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Why One Tron Star Has Completely Given Up On Tron 3
If you thought you were upset about the cancellation of Tron Ascension, just wait until you see how Bruce Boxleitner has taken the news. Heartbreak awaits inside.
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9 Classic 80s Movies That Hollywood Actually Should Revist
The release of the new comedy, which is set 30+ years after the original and finds the young characters as grown-ups, got us thinking: what are some other 1980s titles that could potentially benefit from further continuity expansion? We picked out nine choices, so read on to find out what they are!
How Tron 3 Fans Are Trying To Rescue Disney's Cancelled Sequel
After a couple months of buildup that began back in March, it appears that Tron 3 is officially dead. As it turns out, some fans are not too happy with this development, and have been working on a way to try and get the movie going again.
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3 Big Reasons Disney Should Save Tron Ascension
With Disney's cancellation of Tron Ascension, comes a lot of disappointed fans. Here are three reasons Disney should hit refresh, and bring the next Tron film back to life.
Tron 3 Just Got Axed
Sorry guys, it turns out that Tron 3 isn't happening after all. Bummer.
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Apparently We Should All Quit Our Jobs And Build Custom Tron Motorcycles
Someone in this world now owns a working replica of a Tron: Legacy motorbike, and we should all be incredibly envious.
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Tron 3 Will Explore What Happens When Olivia Wilde Enters The Real World
When it was announced a few weeks back that Tron Legacy stars, Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund would be reprising their roles in an upcoming sequel to that 2010 franchise revival, it was rather surprising. Yet, for the film’s co-star, Wilde, the delays that mired this film may have proven fortuitous when it came to finding a good story. In a recent interview, the actress discusses what’s in store for her character, Quorra.
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Tron 3 May Have A Title
It was a surprising turn of events earlier this month when it was revealed that the Walt Disney Company is actively working towards making a Tron 3. And while the movie does not yet have a firm release date announced by the studio, it seems that the production may have a name. Are you ready for Tron: Ascension?
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Tron 3 Is Still Happening For Some Reason
It's been quite a long time since we last heard anything about Tron 3, the last piece of news dating back to 2012, but the project may be further along than we have been led to believe. That's because new reports are circulating saying that the sci-fi sequel is looking to start production this fall.
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Xbox One And Xbox 360 Owners Can Download ScreamRide Demo Tomorrow
Microsoft's new roller coaster simulator, ScreamRide, will crash-land on Xbox One and Xbox 360 systems on March 3rd. But if you're the impatient type, I have good news: the demo will be available at midnight tonight.
10 Characters Who Need Their Own Spin-Off Movies
Ever wanted to see a second banana become top dog? Read through our list to see which of your favorites we've suggested for that very honor!
Parental Guidance Suggests You're In Trouble, Program!
If you are new to our Parental Guidance column, here's the idea behind it: I concocted a plan to make my 15 year old daughter, Allie, watch movies with me. While she is wise beyond her years, her cinematic expertise was severely lacking. The movies that I am showing her meant a lot to me at different points in my younger life.
Walter Cronkite Enters The Tron-Verse In This 1982 Clip
I hope you have your nostalgia glasses on, or at least some form of eyewear that allows you to be completely comfortable with shoddy video quality. The above video, which has been kicking it on the Internet for some time, combines two things that we don’t often get to see together these days: one of the most respected newsmen on the planet and a film that shattered the mold for computer graphics in cinema.
GTA IV Tron City Mod Embraces Daft Punk
Loved the music to that piss poor Tron sequel called Tron Legacy? Yeah, I loved the music, too. Did you like the colors, the art direction and the general visual aesthetic? Yeah, So did I. Well, do you like all the previous Tron stuff but you also like Grand Theft Auto? If you haven't guessed where this is going then your Logic 101 class failed you bad.
Interview: Cris Velasco Talks Embracing Horror With ZombiU
We had a chance to throw around a few questions with the game's composer, Cris Velasco, one-half of the team that put together amazing soundtracks to games like Mass Effect 3 and Tron: Evolution, as well as composing iconic and memorable scores for games like Warhammer 40,000: Space Marines and the God of War trilogy.
TRON: Uprising Beck's Beginning - Watch The Full Prelude Episode Here
Fans awaiting their first full look at the new animated adventure in the TRON universe don't have to wait any longer. The upcoming series called TRON: Uprising still doesn't hit television screens for another month but the prelude, TRON: Uprising, Beck's Beginning, is already online and almost a full week before its premiere. Disney has uploaded the entire episode to introduce the ensuing series that is set between 1982's TRON and 2010's TRON: Legacy.
Second Trailer For TRON: Uprising Showcases The Gorgeous Animation Inside The Grid
Produced by Disney Television Animation, TRON: Uprising is a brand new series that bridges the films' gap and follows a young program named Beck aka The Renegade (voiced by Wood) who leads the revolution against Clu inside the tyrannical world of The Grid. And here's the second trailer for the Disney XD program, it explains it all but with pictures. Really gorgeous, animated moving pictures.
Tron 3 Gets A Writer, Franchise Future May Depend On Your Kids
Work on a sequel to Tron: Legacy is underway. We’ve known it was coming for awhile, but today Disney announced that they’ve hired David DiGilio to work on the script. Adam Horowitz and Adam Kitsis wrote the previous film, but have moved on to writing a fairytale show called Once Upon a Time for ABC. If you saw Tron: Legacy, you know this is good news.
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You're Wrong: 20 Common Box Office Misconceptions
Last year, while everyone was talking about Tron: Legacy, nearly ever blog post you read on any site but this one dismissed the original, 1982 Tron as a box office flop. Repeat something long enough and perception becomes reality, even if it's just not.
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