In case if you haven’t noticed, Amanda Bynes has gotten obsessed with looks lately. She’s undergone plastic surgery, lost more than twenty pounds and started commenting on the attractiveness of other people on an almost daily basis via her always engaging Twitter account.

Ordinarily, her comments are largely ignored by those who aren’t her most passionate fans or critics, but today’s targets produced a bit more of an aggressive reaction. Check out the tweet in question below…

Believe it or not, Bynes and the President actually have a bit of a strange history. More than a year ago, the starlet was pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence, and while she vigorously denied the charges, she was still taken to jail and booked. In response, she reached out to President Obama and asked if he would fire the cop who allegedly mistreated her. Not surprisingly, he refused to engage in that questionable usage of power. Maybe his refusal has something to do with this hositility. Maybe the actress was just watching television and was struck by how unattractive she felt they are. Either way, we probably shouldn’t be surprised, and Drake sure as hell isn’t surprised.

Bynes routinely goes back and forth between posting blunt commentaries on how ugly Drake is (that she later deletes) to flattering him with entries like these…

Considering he’s the leader of the free world, I highly doubt President Obama will bother responding to this insult concerning his looks, but I wouldn’t be surprised if his press secretary had a little fun with it. After all, riffing about Amanda’s eccentricities and her pointed opinions is probably more desirable than talking about any of the more serious issues going on across the globe and from a political standpoint, in Washington DC.

Here’s to hoping Bynes eventually becomes content enough with her own appearance that she won’t feel the need to try and tear other people down.



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