Amanda Bynes Involved In Another Car Accident

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Amanda Bynesí truly regrettable driving record has reportedly added another entry. The actress was behind the wheel of a rental car yesterday evening in the San Fernando Valley when she was rear-ended. Authorities were called to the scene, but after writing an accident report, they decided not to ticket anyone. The other driver allegedly accused Bynes of causing the wreck with her reckless driving, but itís unclear what exactly she might have done to place herself in harmís way. In fact, itís entirely possible she really was a victim here, but given all thatís happened in the last six months, itís understandable to be suspicious.

Since the beginning of the year, the Hairspray star has been booked for a DUI, chased by a police helicopter, accused of three separate hit and runs and mocked for asking President Obama to help her out of the mess. Sheíd have you believe sheís been the victim of horrible circumstances and misunderstandings, but common sense would say thereís been too many incidents for her not to be doing something wrong.

Provided she doesnít have any more vehicular misadventures in the next six months, this should be the last we hear about this incident. Unfortunately for Bynes, her insurance company likely wonít be so willing to drop it. Whether this was her fault or not, sheíll wind up paying for this, along with the other problems, whenever her rates get readjusted.
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