Amanda Bynes’ Psych Hold Costs Her How Much Every Day?

By Mack Rawden 2013-09-03 14:02:56
Prior to Amanda Bynes being placed on a psychiatric hold, her parents and those closest to her had grave concerns about how much money she was blowing through. No definite figures have ever been made public, but rumors claim she spent several hundred thousand dollars in just a few short months. Obviously, she couldn’t continue at that rate. She needed to get better in order to start working again as an actress. Unfortunately, getting better in Hollywood isn’t exactly cheap.

According to TMZ, Bynes is currently at UCLA Medical Center. She’s being monitored by a team of doctors, and she’s eating and living inside the lockdown facility. Altogether, those services cost a staggering $3500 a day, and her insurance only covers a small fraction of it. As such, if she winds up staying for a few months, as is currently the plan, she will shell out more than two hundred thousand dollars. If she stays for the entire year, which is technically possible, she would shell out more than one million dollars. Once you throw in the costs of therapy, medication and other long-term recovery needs, she’s really going to need to get a job sooner rather than later.

No one wants to spend that kind of money, especially on something that isn’t a whole lot of fun, but if it gets Amanda back to being a happy and healthy member of society, every single dime will have been worth it. She was not headed for a very good place prior to this stay in treatment, and while it’s impossible to know exactly what would have happened, chances are it wouldn’t have ended well. Now, if she can follow through on her treatment and take all of the advice she’s been given to heart, she has a chance to get back to being the Amanda we all knew and loved for so many years.

We will keep you updated on Bynes’ treatment as news becomes available.
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