American Idol: Is Ryan Seacrest Worth 15 Million A Season?

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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After months of speculation and posturing, the negotiations between American Idol and Ryan Seacrest are over. The host has officially signed on the dotted line to come back, and to celebrate, he released a statement pointing out what a pleasure itís been to work on such an ďiconicĒ television show. Heíll patrol the Idol sidelines for a further two years and make fifteen million dollars a season.

As judges have cycled in and out, especially over the past few seasons, Seacrest and Randy Jackson have remained the only constant fixtures. During various years, the reality competition has ebbed or flowed in popularity, but itís always stayed one of the top few weekly programs on television. A large chunk of that credit has to be given to its host.

If there was even any question as to Seacrestís talent, the whispers were likely cleared up after The X Factor premiered. For all intents and purposes, Steve Jones was totally decent at his job, but when viewers compared his transitions and the way he handled the judges against his Idol competitor, it became obvious just how brilliant the affable emcee is.

Iím extremely glad Seacrest is coming back. I canít even imagine the show without him, but that being said, I am still a bit concerned about the money. Idol definitely doesnít boast the obsessive fandom it once did, and Iím really not sure it can remain profitable paying his salary in addition to the other judges.

What do you think? Is Ryan Seacrest worth fifteen million a season? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll belowÖ

Is Seacrest Worth 15 Million Dollars A Season?


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