Josh Brolin had a great time on New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, just a few hours after 2013 became a reality, his mood spiraled south in a big way. The actor was partying it up with several of his guy friends in Santa Monica, California a little before three in the morning when he started getting a little too unruly. Police officers got involved not long after and the forty-four-year-old was carted off to jail.

According to TMZ, Brolin was booked for public intoxication and released after he sobered up a little after seven o’clock on New Year’s Day. Authorities on the scene decided not to formally charge him with any violations; so, obviously, his wild behavior didn’t damage any property or have any long-term consequences.

Brolin himself hasn’t commented on his arrest or clarified what exactly happened, but a source close to him said it was just a matter of getting a little too carried away during the holiday. Considering New Year’s is one of the biggest arrest days of the year for police officers, something tells me they’d probably describe the situation the same way too.

With no court date ahead of him and nothing to really answer for, this should be the last we hear of Brolin’s overly exuberant night, unless, of course, it happens again. Here’s to hoping there aren’t any repeat performances, at least for the next couple of years.



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