Should Charlie Sheen Be Ashamed Of Himself For Getting Selma Blair Fired?

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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With a ninety episode order and positive fan feedback, you would think the mood on the set of Anger Management would be all giggles and high fives all the time, but unfortunately, the vibes havenít been even close to that rosy over the past few days. Star Charlie Sheen and co-star Selma Blair got into it over some statements the latter allegedly made, and now, sheís out of a job and Anger Management is in need of a new female cast member.

According to TMZ, Blair reportedly complained about Sheenís frequent lateness and his less than professional behavior to some staffers on the show, and one or more of them turned around and told Charlie about what his co-star was saying. Given he has way more responsibilities on the show, he reportedly didnít take too kindly to being complained about, and long story short, he allegedly stormed into Lionsgateís offices and gave the old itís-her-or-me ultimatum. Obviously, after almost no deliberation whatsoever, they picked Charlie over Selma, and an official statement announcing her firing was released earlier today.

On the one hand, itís easy to see why Sheen was so furious. Itís his star power thatís driving ratings. Itís his name thatís getting everyone paid week in and week out. He was the one who conceived the show, and heís the one who engineered the unprecedented ninety episode order. People should be really thankful to him, and they should cut him a break when heís late, especially since he has way more lines to remember than anyone else. On the other hand, however, this kind of seems like an overreaction. People bitch about those they work with all the time. Iíve talked shit about my boss and at least half my co-workers to my wife sitting next to me on the couch just since I started writing this story, but even if the powers that be here at Cinema Blend found out, I highly doubt Iíd get shitcanned. After all, most good bosses typically try to separate personal feelings from contributions someone is capable of making at work.

Over the past few years, Sheen has done quite a bit to turn his life around. Heís gone from being a mess to a reliable father, a sought after actor and a pretty decent, good-hearted guy. Consequently, Iím usually pretty apt to give the actor a break, but Iím not really sure he made the right call by forcing Selma out. What do you think? Should he be ashamed of himself for getting her canned? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll belowÖ

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