Tom Cruise Ready To Sue Over Claim He Kept Suri In Tiny, Windowless Room

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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While some stars consider any press to be good press, Tom Cruise has long zealously guarded his reputation by filing lawsuits over false tabloid reports. In the past, heís taken outlets to court over fabricated tales of homosexuality and accusations his marriage to Nicole Kidman was a sham. Now, heís reportedly in the early stages of another potential lawsuit, this one against The National Enquirer, and unless the tabloid posts a retraction, it seems likely itíll wind up in court.

Earlier this week, The Enquirer posted a story claiming Katie was forced to live in a ďHouse of HorrorsĒ. She was supposedly subjected to abuse, verbal humiliation, punishments and other forms of mind torture, while their daughter Suri was allegedly kept in a tiny, windowless room. Considering none of this has even been hinted at or rumored before, itís not shocking Cruise would take such offense.

According to E! Online, Cruiseís attorney Bert Fields sent a three-page letter to the outlet detailing all the untruths the story contained and threatening a defamation lawsuit. The actorís camp wants an immediate apology and a retraction to the story published in the next issue.

Were this another celebrity, I wouldnít be surprised if The National Enquirer stuck by its ludicrous story, but considering itís dealing with Cruise, I canít imagine the outlet doesnít bite the bullet and apologize. Wild claims like this are what ten million dollar judgments are made out of.
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