100+ Netflix TV Offerings For Binge-Watching Over The Holidays

By Kelly West 2 years ago discussion comments
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(9) Arrow
Arrowís on my own personal list of shows to get caught up on over the hiatus. The DC comic adaptation starring Stephen Amell as the titular archer superhero Green Arrow is currently amidst its second season on The CW. If itís as good as everyone says it is ó or gets, as I hear the first season takes a little while to get going ó now would be a good time to check out Season 1. (Watch it.)

(10) Supernatural - Got a lot of time on your hands? Youíll need it if you want to get through all eight of the seasons Netflix has for Supernatural. This supernatural thriller centers on two grown brothers who hunt demons and investigate paranormal mysteries.

(11) Buffy the Vampire Slayer and (12) Angel - Joss Whedonís beloved vampire-focused series are both available streaming on Netflix in their entirety. Whether youíre due for a rewatch or ready to see what all the fuss is about, these are great options for binge-watching. Start with Buffy, as Angel doesnít come into play until later. And be sure to give it until the second season of Buffy before deciding whether or not youíre going to stick with it, as it takes a little while for the show to warm up, but when it does, itís fantastic.

Looking for more fantasy, sci-fi and supernatural? Try (13) Continuum, (14) Fringe, (15) Heroes, (16) Alphas, (17) Farscape, (18) Firefly, (19) Dollhouse, (20) Merlin, (21) Eureka and (22) Being Human.
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