The Good Wife Behind-The-Scenes Drama May Have Been Way Worse Than We Thought image
In recent weeks, an odd scene that was shot between Kalinda and the show’s lead Alicia Florrick, played by Julianna Margulies, has caused some controversy, leading many to wonder what cause Panjabi to want to leave. As it turns out behind-the-scenes drama between the two actresses is probably the culprit.
Jessica Rawden 2015-05-27
CBS Settles On Unusual Strategy To Fill Letterman's Time Slot Until Colbert Is Ready image
It’ll be a long time before we see anything on CBS late night as moving and powerful as the Late Show’s final montage during David Letterman’s last episode. And the network won’t even be trying, as they've got another plan in mind.
Nick Venable 2015-05-27
Two Of David Letterman's Final Top 10 Jokes Were Written By An Intern image
From this night of touching flashbacks and hilarious moments, something that might surprise you is the fact that two of the funniest jokes on David Letterman's final Late Show hosting gig were actually written by a 21-year-old intern on the show. Not too shabby.
Nick Venable 2015-05-26
Supergirl Promises To Give Fans Kara's Mother In 3 Forms image
For DC characters with “super” at the front of their names, the concept of heritage is a strong one. For Supergirl, actress Laura Benanti recently claimed audiences can expect to see her character Alura in three different forms on the show. 
Nick Venable 2015-05-26
Why The Criminal Minds Violence Is Necessary, According To Joe Mantegna image
Violence on TV often gets viewed harshly by the medium’s strongest critics, and CBS’ Criminal Minds has been at the center of some violence-related conversations. Star Joe Mantegna thinks the violence is necessary.
Nick Venable 2015-05-26
Supergirl: Everything About The TV Show image
With Supergirl officially headed to our televisions next TV season, now seems to be a great time to compile what we know about the series and present it in an easily digestible form. Here’s everything we've figured out about CBS’ Supergirl.
Jessica Rawden 2015-05-25
Matthew Goode Is Leaving The Good Wife, Get The Details image
We already knew about one major character that would not be back next season on The Good Wife. Now, It turns out another series regular is heading for the door, as Matthew good is ending his run as a regular character on the show. But he might not be done for good.
Dirk Libbey 2015-05-22
The Supergirl Pilot Has Leaked Online image
Unfortunately, it looks as if the network is not going to be able to fully keep the first episode under wraps before then. Today, news broke that Supergirl’s pilot has leaked online, roughly six months before the drama is expected to actually hit the schedule. 
Jessica Rawden 2015-05-22
David Letterman's Finale Draws Biggest Ratings In Decades image
David Letterman’s retirement from late night has been a big deal thanks to the longevity of the man’s career and the impact he had on the late night landscape over the years. With that in mind, it’s no real shock that The Late Show with David Letterman nabbed plenty of eyeballs last night.
Jessica Rawden 2015-05-21
Watch Justin Bieber And James Corden Bust Out Karaoke In A Car image
Last night Bieber popped up on The Late Late Show with James Corden to create a little more goodwill. Luckily, throwing Bieber and Corden into a car together can only lead to amusing shenanigans, and you can give them a watch.
Jessica Rawden 2015-05-21
Watch Bill Murray, Jerry Seinfeld And More Deliver David Letterman's Final Top 10 image
Last night gave us one of the most monumental 90 minutes (or so) of television ever, as the late night legend David Letterman took the stage as the Late Show host for the very last time.And one of the best parts was the star-studded Top Ten list, which included Bill Murray and more.
Nick Venable 2015-05-21
Watch Bill Murray Pop Out Of A Cake On The Late Show With David Letterman image
When most celebrities say goodbye to the soon-to-retire David Letterman, they do it with words – even if those words are written on undergarments. But when Bill Murray does it, no words are needed. Just massive cakes.
Nick Venable 2015-05-20
Watch David Letterman Staffers Offer Top 10 Reasons They'll Miss The Late Show image
Well, we’re just two episodes away from bidding farewell to David Letterman forever, and to contrast all of the celebrity tributes, Letterman decided to let the Late Show crew in on the fun by giving them their own Top Ten list.
Nick Venable 2015-05-19
Could Supergirl And The Flash Cross Over? Here's The Latest From Greg Berlanti image
With Supergirl airing next season, this has led to a desire from many fans to see the series somehow cross over with fellow DC shows The Flash and Arrow. Here are the chances of that happening.
Adam Holmes 2015-05-18
David Letterman's Final Guests Have Finally Been Revealed image
The past couple of weeks have been pretty amazing for fans of The Late Show with David Letterman, as his impending retirement has offered all of his final guests the chance to pay tribute in ways that are both touching and hilarious. Check out who'll appear on the final episodes.
Nick Venable 2015-05-15
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