Watch Will Ferrell Scream At New Yorkers About Elf In Billy On The Street  image
Billy On The Street has really been on fire lately. He really hit the nail on the head when he and Buddy The Elf himself, Will Ferrell, ran through the streets of New York in onesies to terrorize strangers.
Corey Chichizola 2015-12-12
Watch A Bunch Of People Have No Idea Who Chris Pratt Is image
Chris Pratt just starred in the third biggest U.S. film of all-time, but that doesnít guarantee that everyone within the U.S. knows who he is. Witness this clip from Billy on the Street, in which Chris Pratt is the subject of much random confusion.
Nick Venable 2015-10-12
Watch David Letterman Ask Random People On The Street What To Do When He Retires image
Have you ever wondered what David Letterman plans to do after ending his lengthy run in the late night TV lineup? You are not alone, and now you can see what random people on the street think about what Letterman should do following his Late Late Show run.
Jessica Rawden 2015-04-02
Watch Michelle Obama And Big Bird Slow Dance In Hilarious Billy On The Street Video image
While President Barack Obamaís appearance on Between Two Ferns was great, I do believe First Lady Michelle Obama has topped it with the following grocery store visit for Billy on the Street, which features Billy Eichner anti-crooning Aerosmithís ďDonít Want to Miss a Thing.Ē
Nick Venable 2015-02-17
Billy On The Street Is Moving, Here Are The Details image
If all youíre hearing is silence at the moment, thatís probably because comedian and actor Billy Eichner isnít out in the world hollering at anyone right now. But donít you worry, his popular Funny or Die comedy series Billy on the Street has been renewed. Just don't expect to find it on Fuse anymore.
Nick Venable 2015-02-11
Watch Seth Meyers And Billy Eichner Scream At Strangers In This Hilarious Emmy Sketch image
Take a second away from watching Modern Family and Big Bang Theory trying to sweep this yearís Emmy Awards to watch comedian Billy Eichner (Parks and Recreation) and Emmy host Seth Meyers putting on a special edition of the always uproarious Billy on the Street.
Nick Venable 2014-08-25
Watch Amy Poehler And Billy Eichner Comically Harass New Yorkers With Christmas Carols image
Billy Eichner tends to take the scream approach to delivering his jokes and reactions, which you may have noticed if youíve been watching Parks and Recreation this season, as the comedian has applied this schtick to his role as Donnaís Eagleton counterpart Craig in the NBC comedy series.
Kelly West 2013-12-12
Billy On The Street Season 2 Premiere: Watch It Online And See Guest Star Rashida Jones image
If you're ever in New York and some guy comes running up to you with a microphone and asks you some pop-culture related question in a way that makes you think the fate of the world depends on it, that might be Billy Eichner, the comedian often featured on Funny or Die and star of Fuse' Billy on the Street. If he gets annoyed with your response, there's an even better chance it's him. He has no patience for the wrong answers.
Kelly West 2012-12-07
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