Details On Jason Lee's Skateboarding Project

By Mack Rawden 5 years ago discussion comments
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Details On Jason Lee's Skateboarding Project image
Outside of Alvin And The Chipmunks, itís hard not to support most of Jason Leeís expansive film and television catalog. From his early work with Kevin Smith to his wildly underrated multi-year run on My Name Is Earl, the man has been crushing for almost a decade and a half, which is why Iíve been pumped for weeks about his Adult Swim skateboarding project. Turns out my faith hasnít been misplaced.

According to Deadline, full details of the show have finally emerged, and it sounds hysterical. Lee will play a forty-two year old former skateboarding virtuoso who wakes up from a coma twenty-five years after attempting an ill-fated trick. The manís name? Jon Johnsonsen. Heíll reportedly struggle to adapt to the Ďaughts, as well as with mentally being a seventeen year old stuck in a middle-aged body. You may remember Lee was at one time a professional skateboarder before he altered course and became a movie star.

Lee will also direct and Jack Black will produce through his Electric Dynamite company. If all goes well, we may see this on Adult Swim sometime in 2011.
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