Friday Night Lights And Transformer Actors In Talks For Charlie's Angels Reboot

By Kelly West 2011-01-27 20:04:42 discussion comments
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Friday Night Lights And Transformer Actors In Talks For Charlie's Angels Reboot image
Iím going to be honest here by not pretending that Iím fully on board with the idea of a Charlieís Angels reboot. While Iím all for strong female characters on television, Iím skeptical that the concept of three gorgeous gals with perfect hair joining forces to fight crime and solve mysteries is going to be adaptable for todayís television. Or maybe Iíve just been burned before with hopes held up for other reboots that didnít pan out (Iím looking at you Knight Rider and you as well, Bionic Woman.)

Regardless of my own limited expectations here, casting for this series is going to be a big deal and word is, two known actors are in negotiations to join previously cast Annie Ilonzeh in the ABC reboot of the popular Ď70ís series.

According to Deadline, Minka Kelly of Friday Night Lights and Aussie actress Rachael Taylor (Transformers, Bottle Shock) are close to signing on for the series. While Annie Ilonzeh is set to play the role of Kate, Taylor would portray Abby and Kelly would be playing a yet to be named character should the two officially sign on for the roles.

Taylorís character is the youngest, sassiest Angel, with a privileged background, con-artist abilities and an expertise in Krav Maga. Kellyís character was originally described as a neat-freak U.S. Marine with weapons training but Deadline reports that the role is being reworked to be tailored to Kelly.

Weíll have to wait and see if these deals are set in stone or if thereís some other potential Angel waiting in the wings. (Yup, pun fully intended.)
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