Jezebel James Gets Dumped

By Kona Gallagher 8 years ago discussion comments
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Just because you created one long-running beloved series, doesnít mean that people will give a crap about your next show. Aaron Sorkin learned that after Studio 60 failed to catch fire like The West Wing, and now Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino is learning the same difficult lesson. Her new show, The Return of Jezebel James, has just been canceled.

When Jezebel James was readying its premiere at last yearís upfronts, it was one of the more highly-anticipated new series. Not only was Sherman-Palladino at the helm, but Indie queen Parker Posey and Six Feet Under star Lauren Ambrose were cast in the leads. It was a combination that was guaranteed to succeedóuntil it didnít.

The upfronts didnít go as planned. Critics came away confused, saying the show didnít really come together and it inexplicably featured a laugh track. Fox was similarly displeased with the pilot and cut the episode order down from 13 to 7. The networkís confidence in the series didnít exactly improve, as evidenced by Foxís decision to move the show from Wednesday nights into the Friday night TV wasteland. When the first two episodes premiered back to back on March 14th, the ratings were dismal, only attracting just over 3 million viewers. The third episode aired the following week, but since there wasnít a huge ratings improvement, Fox gave it the ax.

Currently, there are no plans for the remaining 4 episodes to air at all. Instead, Fox will be filling Jezebel Jamesí time slot with Bones reruns. I didnít manage to catch the show, so I canít speak to how good or bad the episodes actually were, but I did love Gilmore Girls, so Iím kind of disappointed that Jezebel James wasnít given time to grow. Did any of you see it? Was it worth saving, or was its swift painless death for the best?
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