William Shatner Live-Tweeted An Episode Of CW's The Originals Last Night

By Kelly West 1 year ago discussion comments
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William Shatner Live-Tweeted An Episode Of CW's The Originals Last Night image
Here's something you might not have realized was happening last night. William Shatner live-Tweeted his way through an episode of CW's The Originals. Why? Presumably for our amusement, in which case it was a pretty successful endeavor on his part.

William Shatner's offered steady commentary of the vampire-focused drama series last night, beginning a bit vague...

But eventually getting the hang of things, commenting on The Originals' characters (and how they dressed)...

And what happened to their clothes...

He also tried to figure out what the deal was with the various supernatural backgrounds of The Originals's characters...

When someone joked about how confused Shatner was throughout the episode, he defended himself...

And went back to being confused...

Just to be clear, Shatner's not getting paid to do this...

And The Originals isn't the first CW series he's Tweeted his way through. The Washington Post inquired with Shatner about his recent appreciation for CW series, and his Twitter commentaries. Shatner says it all started when he jokingly "threatened" to live-tweet along with his friend Misha Collins, who directed a recent episode of CW's Supernatural. Collins accepted and Shatner did the live Tweet, which led to being asked by the Tomorrow People actors to live-Tweet one of their eps. Shatner agreed to do that in exchange for a signed item for his upcoming charity event, Priceline.com Hollywood Charity Horse Show. He also ended up Tweeting about Star-Crossed and CW's newest sci-fi drama The 100. So, The Originals appears to be his latest venture into CW's original programming.

And now I'd like to lodge a request for an Arrow William Shatner live-Tweet! Or really any other show I watch. Is he willing to veer away from the CW? If so, Game of Thrones, please.
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