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New Arrow Clip Has Roy 'Seeing Red'

It's rare that we see lead characters getting seriously injured in the present day on Arrow, but it does happen, as evidenced by the above clip, which shows Arrow and Canary facing off against the worst kind of enemy; a friend. Arrow and Canary are already at a disadvantage going up against Roy, considering he's technically an ally -- or he was, anyway. Factor in mirakuru and they may be in real trouble here.

The new clip for this week's "Seeing Red" shows Roy throwing down with Arrow and Canary, and we mean that literally as it relates to Canary...


She's out cold, but hopefully ok. Roy is just as brutal on Oliver...

leg crunch

It sounded like something broke there.

We know from the episode description that "Seeing Red" will have Roy spinning out of control, a side effect of the mirakuru that finally pushes him over the edge. It's evident from the new clip that Oliver's not going to get through to him simply by removing the mask this time around. But will Thea be able to have better luck? From this photo, the situation's not looking so good...

Thea and Roy

I'm hoping that this episode will be a turning point for Roy and not the beginning of the end. I feel like he's sort of an underdeveloped character. Every time we get to know him a little bit better, he's sidelined. And he's never really settled in with the group. Maybe that'll happen... assuming he doesn't end up killing anyone and/or Arrow or Canary don't end up taking him out.

In the trailer below, Oliver seems pretty clear that "No on dies tonight"...

But anything can happen, especially so close to the finale. "Seeing Red" is the first of the final four episodes of Season 2, with the finale, ominously titled "Unthinkable" scheduled to air May 14.

Meanwhile, for those looking for a good chuckle, Stephen Amell recently posted this meme on his Facebook page, under the caption "I love the internet":

Post by Stephen Amell.


Arrow airs Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. Et on CW.

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