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Arrow Is Bringing Back A Long Dead Character For Season 5
People come back from the dead all the time in comics, but this one still a pretty big shocker. Hit the jump to find out which character is seemingly coming back on Arrow.
5 Specific Ways Flashpoint May Affect Arrow
Check out our list of five specific ways in which The Flash's Flashpoint story arc could affect the fifth season of The CW's Arrow.
The Flash And Other CW Shows Will Soon Be Free For Anyone, Get The Details
The CW will never be a network that draws the same numbers as any of the Big Three, but it has been drawing bigger audiences in recent years thanks to its superhero series. Folks without access to The CW will soon be able to stream any of its shows free of charge.
2016 Fall TV Premiere Schedule: Dates For New And Returning Shows
Following this year's lengthy list of cancellations, the major networks have a bunch of new series on the calendar including both comedies and dramas. Check out the new shows and more with our full fall TV premiere schedule.
First Look At Arrow's Wild Dog And More In Action-Packed New Trailer
Season 5 of Arrow is only a few weeks away, and we're finally starting to get substantial footage of what's to come. The latest trailer provides a closer look at new members of Oliver's team, and it's definitely worth checking out.
How Arrow Will Be Responsible For One Of Season 5's Biggest Problems
Arrow is set to come full circle in Season 5 as Oliver completes that journey set up for him all the way back in the pilot. Unfortunately, he'll have a rough final year thanks his role in the origin of his latest supervillain.
How Arrow Season 5 Will Take One Character Somewhere They've Never Been
The good guys of Arrow have been through a wild series of ups and downs in four seasons, and many of those trials are things most regular folks wouldn't be able to make it through. It looks like one character, though, is about to go through something completely different.
Why Arrow Isn't Bringing Olicity Back Any Time Soon
One of the most important arcs of Arrow Season 4 was all about the romance between Oliver and Felicity. The relationship imploded before the season finale, and Olicity fans won't be getting a rekindling anytime soon for an important reason.
At Least One Arrow Star Is Set To Appear In Legends Of Tomorrow's Season 2 Premiere
You might think that Legends of Tomorrow already has way too many heroes to worry about going into Season 2 - what with the Justice Society of America coming - that it can't possibly bring in anyone else. You would be wrong.
Katie Cassidy Will Be Back On Arrow Sooner Than We Thought
It turns out that actress Katie Cassidy will return to Arrow for Season 5 far earlier than any of us had previously anticipated.
The Hilarious Way Arrow's Diggle Wants To Meet Supergirl
David Ramsey recently revealed the way in which he wants John Diggle to react to meeting Kara Danvers during the upcoming Arrow-verse crossover event.
Stephen Amell Reveals How He’d Feel If Green Arrow Was Recast For The DCEU
While participating in a panel during Salt Lake Comic Con, Stephen Amell was asked how he'd feel if Green Arrow was recast for the big screen. Here's his honest answer.
You’ll Never Guess Which Show Arrow’s Stephen Amell Wants To Join
Stephen Amell is busy enough on Arrow and the rest of the Arrowverse, but that doesn't stop him from daydreaming about joining a different show altogether. It just so happens to require lots of physical labor too.
One Classic DC Actress Is Down To Appear In Arrow And The Flash's TV Universe
The CW's current DC Comics universe is superb at incorporating the bevy of memorable actors and actresses from past DC projects, and one of the best of the bunch is down to make an appearance.
Arrow Is Adding A Justified Actor For Season 5
Season 5 is going to be a big year for Arrow as the show comes full circle on Oliver's five years of hell. A bunch of new faces are on board for Oliver's next adventures, and the latest will be played by a Justified actor who could be perfect.
Stephen Amell Is Not Above Poking A Little Fun At The Philippines' Arrow Knock Off
Arrow turned out to be a huge hit for The CW and launched a small empire of comic shows on American TV. Now, it looks like the Philippines is set to premiere a show that looks an awful lot like Arrow, and Stephen Amell isn't above poking fun at it.
Arrow Season 5: What We Know About The Mysterious Big Bad Prometheus
Season 5 of Arrow is set to take the show back to its basics, and new villain Prometheus will be a big part of that shift. Take a look at our breakdown of what we know so far about what he'll bring to Star City next season.
Why The CW's DC Universe Doesn't Need To Stick To The Comic Books
Comic TV shows are all the rage right now, but most of them take some pretty extreme liberties from the source material. According Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim, there's a big reason why The CW's DC universe goes its own way.
How Arrow Is Keeping Its Fights Realistic In Season 5
The creative team behind the fifth season of Arrow had some phenomenal inspiration to make the upcoming fight scenes as gritty and realistic as possible.
What To Expect From Dolph Lundgren’s New Character In Arrow
Check out what Wendy Mericle had to say about Dolph Lundgren's villainous character on the upcoming fifth season of Arrow.
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