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How Diggle Is Going To Respond To Arrow's Flashpoint Changes
The CW's superhero universe changed in a big way when Barry Allen raced back in time to kick off the Flashpoint story of DC fame. Arrow's Diggle has been affected by Barry's timeline shenanigans, and he may have a surprising reaction when he finds out.
How Arrow's Surprise Suicide Squad Cameo Came To Be
Arrow has already showcased a lot of DC Comics characters so far in Season 5, but the latest episode featured a cameo from a character that many of us probably didn't expect back on the small screen.
Arrow May Bring A Major Villain Back Really Soon
Arrow has seen a lot of bad guys come and go in the past four seasons, but now it looks like one of those villains may be coming back way sooner than anyone could have thought.
Check Out Cody Rhodes' Epic New Arrow-Themed Costume
Cody Rhodes has posted a photo of himself wearing a seriously amazing Arrow-themed wrestling costume. Check it out!
Why Oliver Queen Is Not Going To Like The Supergirl Crossover
A lot of the buzz about The CW's DC universe over recent months has been about the epic crossover between all four shows that should be pretty exciting, but Arrow's Oliver Queen won't be too happy for one big reason.
Did The Flash Go Too Far With Its First Big Change To Arrow?
Barry Allen has spent the first couple episodes of The Flash Season 3 dealing with all of the unintentional changes he caused after meddling with the timeline. The second episode revealed a huge change that will affect Arrow rather than The Flash, and it's kind of a big deal.
How Arrow Just Raised The Stakes With A Crazy Comic Character
Arrow Season 5 has already made some big changes to the status quo with some big new characters. The second episode introduced a seriously strange new face from the comics.
The Real Story Behind Arrow's Showrunner And His Statements About People Trying To Fire Him
Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim is setting the record straight on what he truly meant in his statement earlier this week concerning people attempting to remove him from the show.
The Flash Plays Major Role In Epic New Legends Of Tomorrow Trailer
A brand new trailer for the second season of Legends of Tomorrow teases a huge role for Barry Allen in the future. Check it out!
How Much Lower Arrow's Premiere Ratings Were This Year
Arrow just returned to the schedule last night, but the early ratings for the superhero series that kicked off the DC dominance on the CW are already in. Unfortunately, those numbers weren't as high as anticipated, especially for a premiere.
We Finally Know Who Felicity Smoak’s New Boyfriend Is
After months of speculation, Arrow finally revealed Felicity Smoak's new boyfriend during the Season 5 premiere.
Arrow Finally Revealed Laurel's Last Words To Oliver, Here's What She Said
Thanks to the Arrow Season 5 premiere we finally know what Laurel's final words to Oliver were right before she died last season. And, those words were pretty cool.
How Arrow's Season 5 Premiere Used Oliver's Past To Set Up Its Story
Arrow will soon come full circle as Oliver completes his five-year origin story as the Green Arrow, and the premiere did a fantastic job of setting up how Arrow's past will inform its future.
How To Watch The Flash And Arrow Season Premieres Streaming For Free
Anyone looking for The Flash and Arrow season premieres on Hulu are going to be sorely disappointed. But you can still easily watch both premieres for free.
3 Big Reasons Oliver Shouldn't Return To Killing On Arrow
Oliver Queen will face a whole new set of challenges when he hits the streets in Arrow Season 5, and the question is of how far he'll be willing to go to protect Star City. Killing is always an option for Oliver, but here are 3 huge reasons why he shouldn't go back down that road full time.
3 Big Reasons Oliver Returning To Killing Is The Right Move For Arrow
Oliver Queen will go back to killing his enemies during the fifth season of Arrow. Here's why that's definitely the right move for the series.
The Flash And Arrow Welcome Supergirl To The CW In Action-Packed Fight Club Video
The CW just dropped the full video for its DC TV "Fight Club" promo, which ups the ante this year with the introduction of Melissa Benoist's Supergirl. Check it out!
Even Stephen Amell Gets Nervous About Shooting Crossovers
We know that The CW is planning an inordinate amount of crossovers this year. While the cast of The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow have all spent time with each other over the past couple of years, that doesn't mean they are all super comfortable with one another.
Who Cody Rhodes Is Playing In Arrow Season 5
Back in July, it was announced that Cody Rhodes would be coming to Stephen Amell's turf by guest-starring as a villain in Episode 3 of Arrow Season 5. Now we've finally learned exactly who he'll play.
Arrow Is Bringing Back Another Dead Character To Depress Oliver For The 100th Episode
Oliver Queen has lost a lot of people in the years that Arrow has been on the air, and it's been hard to blame him for some of his brooding. One long-dead character will be back in the 100th episode, and it probably won't be easy for him.
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