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Why The CW's DC Universe Doesn't Need To Stick To The Comic Books
Comic TV shows are all the rage right now, but most of them take some pretty extreme liberties from the source material. According Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim, there's a big reason why The CW's DC universe goes its own way.
How Arrow Is Keeping Its Fights Realistic In Season 5
The creative team behind the fifth season of Arrow had some phenomenal inspiration to make the upcoming fight scenes as gritty and realistic as possible.
What To Expect From Dolph Lundgren’s New Character In Arrow
Check out what Wendy Mericle had to say about Dolph Lundgren's villainous character on the upcoming fifth season of Arrow.
How Arrow's Big Season 5 Villain Will Connect To Oliver's Past
Arrow Season 5 is set to feature of bunch of new villains, but it looks like one will be bigger and badder than all the rest thanks to a certain way that he's connected to Oliver.
Arrow Just Added A Jessica Jones Star
Now that Oliver Queen is protecting Star City not only as a vigilante but also as a mayor, he's going to have twice as many problems as he used to. A Jessica Jones star has joined the cast as another comic character that might be able to help out.
How Arrow Season 5 Will Change Up Its Villain Situation
The first four seasons of Arrow developed a pretty solid set supervillain formula, but it looks like the show will be mixing things up to vex Oliver Queen in Season 5.
Stephen Amell Was Kicked In The Face During An Arrow Fight Scene, See The Picture
Stephen Amell recently received a swift kick square to the face while filming an Arrow fight scene, and posted the results to Facebook for our amusement.
What's Going On With Constantine, According To Greg Berlanti
Fans of the occult maestro John Constantine don't have much to complain about when it comes to the character's existence in comic books, but it's a total slog where live-action is concerned. Here's where the character currently sits.
Will Arrow Have Flashbacks In Season 6? Here's What One Producer Says
Arrow has always told the dual stories of Oliver Queen becoming a hero in the present and Ollie turning into a human weapon during his five years of hell. The five years are almost up, and the big question is whether or not the flashbacks will continue.
A Major Character From The CW's DC Comics Shows Is About To Come Out
Greg Berlanti announced that the Arrow-verse will continue to embrace diversity, as a major character will soon publicly come out.
Dolph Lundgren Is Apparently Heading To Arrow, In This Week's Epic News
Arrow is bringing in a whole slew of new characters for Season 5, and it turns out one of those characters will be a perfect fit for Dolph Lundgren.
The Supernatural Guys Just Can't Stop Pranking Stephen Amell
A lot of the CW shows film together in Vancouver, which means there is time for some sort of interaction between a few of the different shows. The leads of Supernatural apparently have plenty of time between takes to get up to shenanigans.
6 Reasons The Arrowverse Should Introduce Bruce Wayne
After four years, we think that it's finally time to bring Bruce Wayne into the fold and make him a part of The CW's Arrowverse. Here's why.
This 4-Way DC Crossover Photo Finally Makes The Epic Event Feel Real
It looks as if the 4-way crossover between Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow is coming together and coming together fast. You can check out the first image for the 4-way crossover
How The Big DC Crossover on CW Will Be Different From Previous Years
The DC crossovers on the CW are always a highlight of the fall season and this year's promises to be the biggest one yet. Find out how the addition of Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow will impact the crossover.
When Arrow's New Team Member Will Become A Superhero
Season 5 of Arrow is set to feature a slew of new faces on the Star City vigilante front. Now, we know when one of them will officially become a superhero.
What Arrow's Colton Haynes Could Be Doing During His Season 5 Return
Season 5 of Arrow is shaping up to feature a lot of new characters, but at least one familiar face will return to interact with the regulars. Colton Haynes will be back as Roy Harper, and he could be essential to what happens next for Oliver Queen.
How Arrow Is Going To Feel About Felicity's New Boyfriend, According To Stephen Amell
The relationship between Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak was a major plot in Season 4 of Arrow. That relationship came to an end before the finale, and Oliver is going to have to react to Felicity moving on in Season 5.
Would Arrow Ever Reveal His Secret Identity To Star City?
Season 5 is gearing up to be a return to form for the superheroic crime drama, but with the flashbacks ending this season, Arrow may need a new lease on life in the future. Could that life include Oliver going public with his vigilante persona?
What The Huge DC Crossover On The CW Is Going To Be About
We still have a long wait ahead for the big CW DC crossover across four shows, but when it does kick off, here's what it will be about.
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