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Not Even Better Call Saul's Bob Odenkirk Knows Chuck's Fate, But He's Got An Idea

Better Call Saul left Season 3 with a major cliffhanger, and now the star has voiced his opinion about where the show (and Chuck) should go.

Which Better Call Saul Character Should Get Their Own Spinoff, According To Vince Gilligan

Vince Gilligan struck gold with his first Breaking Bad spin-off, and if he goes down that road again, he will focus on one particular Better Call Saul character.

2017 Emmy Awards Nominations Announced, Read The Full List

Check out all the 2017 Emmy Award nominations!

Breaking Bad's Mark Margolis Had Brain Surgery After Falling While Filming Better Call Saul

Breaking Bad vet Mark Margolis was filming Better Call Saul recently when he fell, and he then had to go through emergency brain surgery.

One Saved By The Bell Actor Keeps Getting Recognized As The Wrong Character

While Saved by the Bell vets like Mario Lopez and Tiffani Thiessen probably don't get mis-recognized, one former star shared with CinemaBlend that mix-ups happen for him.

Why Better Call Saul And Breaking Bad Need More Spinoffs From AMC

As one of the greatest spinoffs in modern TV, Better Call Saul proves that AMC needs to keep tapping into this universe (instead of other franchises) for more shows.

Better Call Saul Renewed For Season 4 At AMC

Fans of Better Call Saul no longer need to worry about the immediate future of the series. AMC has some very good news.

Why Bob Odenkirk Isn't Looking Forward To Jimmy Becoming Saul On Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul is the story of the transformation of Jimmy McGill into the Saul Goodman fans know from Breaking Bad, but it turns out that the star has some big reasons why he's in no rush for the change.

The Best Shows On TV, According To Better Call Saul's Creators

Better Call Saul is one of the most critically acclaimed shows on the airwaves in recent years. Now, the creators have revealed the other shows they think are especially fantastic.

Did That Better Call Saul Death Really Happen? Here’s What The Showrunner Says

Last night's finale of Better Call Saul featured what looked like a major character death, but is it legit?

Why That Better Call Saul Tragedy Had To Happen, According To One Star

Season 3 of Better Call Saul has come to an end, and we have a long hiatus to process the tragedy of the finale. One star has revealed why it had to happen.

Why Better Call Saul Fans Should Be Psyched With Season 3's Finale

The end of another season of Better Call Saul has come, and executive producer Peter Gould has some big reasons why we should be excited about the events of the finale.

How Will Better Call Saul's Finale Deal With Howard And Chuck? Here's What Patrick Fabian Told Us

Better Call Saul's big Season 3 finale is airing soon, and star Patrick Fabian gave us a few clues about what to expect for Howard and Chuck.

How Better Call Saul's Jimmy Is Basically Breaking Bad's Walt Now

Jimmy McGill has generally felt like his own type of hero for most of Better Call Saul, but now he has charged headfirst into full-blown Walter White territory.

Why Better Call Saul's Howard Isn't Really A Villain, According To Patrick Fabian

Better Call Saul doesn't clearly lay out its villains and heroes, but Patrick Fabian told CinemaBlend why Howard doesn't fall under the bad guy label.

What Better Call Saul's Creator Thinks About Fake-Out Cliffhangers

Better Call Saul gave audiences one of the series' more shocking endings on Monday night, and here's what co-creator Peter Gould has to say about TV's embrace of fake-out cliffhangers.

One Huge Lesson Better Call Saul Learned From Breaking Bad

As Better Call Saul is heading to the end of Season 3, co-creator Peter Gould shared a big lesson that this show took from Breaking Bad.

The Real Difference Between Saul Goodman And Jimmy McGill, According To Bob Odenkirk

Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk pinpoints the major difference between Jimmy McGill and Breaking Bad's Saul Goodman.

The Big Way Better Call Saul Is Killing It In Season 3

The Breaking Bad spin-off, Better Call Saul, is doing many things quite brilliantly in Season 3, but here's something you might not have expected.

Will Better Call Saul's Nacho Be The Reason Hector Is In A Wheelchair On Breaking Bad?

We've seen plenty of connections between Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul so far. Now, we have to consider how Hector may end up in his wheelchair.

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