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Is A Major Breaking Bad Character Heading To Better Call Saul?
A new video has surfaced online seemingly indicating the return of a fan-favorite Breaking Bad character when Better Call Saul's third season debuts!
The Top 10 Shows Of 2016, According To Nick
With the exorbitant number of scripted TV series out this year, cutting the Top 10 shows of 2016 out of that massive pack is like trying to push a haystack through a needle. But here they are.
Watch Aaron Paul Crack Up Over Better Call Saul's Most Hilarious Scene
Better Call Saul had one of its funniest scenes ever with the introduction of the Squat Cobbler last season. Aaron Paul was shown exactly what a Squat Cobbler looks like by Vince Gilligan, and his reaction is pretty terrific.
How Breaking Bad Will Fit Into Better Call Saul Season 3, According To Bryan Cranston
Callbacks and references to Breaking Bad are part of what makes Better Call Saul so much fun, and after making a recent trip to the set, actor Bryan Cranston is hinting at an upcoming connection.
Why Better Call Saul Deserved A Better Night At The Emmys
Once again, Better Call Saul has been completely overlooked at the Emmys. Check out our argument for why the show deserved more recognition this year.
When Better Call Saul Should Bring In Breaking Bad's Best Villain, According To Bob Odenkirk
In its first two seasons, Better Call Saul has done a fantastic job of mixing Breaking Bad's universe in with Jimmy McGill's rise to legal infamy. And actor Bob Odenkirk has a great idea for how to take it up a notch with an iconic villain.
10 Great Cable Shows Streaming On Netflix Right Now
Netflix has a vast library of TV shows just waiting to be watched, and some of those shows still have new episodes airing. Check out our picks for 10 great cable series streaming on Netflix now that could help you catch up on shows you missed from the beginning.
Was Downton Abbey Really Good Enough In Season 6 For An Emmy Nomination?
The 2016 Emmy nominations were announced this morning, and crowd favorite Downton Abbey was among the nominees for Outstanding Drama. The question is, was the show really as good as the other nominees this season?
Would Bryan Cranston Appear On Better Call Saul? Here's What He Has To Say
The incomparable Bryan Cranston, who won a whopping four Emmy Awards for his portrayal of chemistry teacher turned drug lord Walter White, recently opened up regarding a possible role in Better Call Saul.
How Better Call Saul Season 3 Should Connect With Breaking Bad, According To Bob Odenkirk
While we're relying on co-creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould to deliver another fantastic narrative arc for Season 3, star Bob Odenkirk actually has the sweetest concept possible for how to merge the two shows in the future.
The Two Major TV Shows John Cusack Wants To Appear In
John Cusack has become a big name on the silver screen over the years, but he's mostly stayed away from television. Now, he's pitched two major TV shows that he'd be willing to appear in.
How One Breaking Bad Actor Feels About The Cameo Cut From Better Call Saul's Finale
Co-creator Vince Gilligan originally envisioned the Better Call Saul season finale with a cameo from a Breaking Bad character, but it was shot down by the other writers. Here's how the Breaking Bad actor felt about that.
The Breaking Bad Character The Creator Wanted For The Better Call Saul Finale
Once again, Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould crafted an hour of television that proved how superior they are to the majority of live-action storytellers, and if Gilligan had his way, the episode would have featured a clever Breaking Bad cameo.
The Unlikely Breakout TV Character Of 2016
A lot of TV characters have passed across our screens already in 2016, some of which we’d previously met and some of which were new to our eyes and ears. But one absolutely stands above all.
Better Call Saul Renewed For Season 3 At AMC
With a character-specific prequel show like Better Call Saul, part of the enjoyment is the semi-promise that the story will dead-end around the point where the flagship series began. Thankfully, Jimmy McGill’s transformation will continue for at least one more year.
Why Tuco's Better Call Saul Appearance Was Vicious To Shoot, According To The Actor
Every episode of Better Call Saul delivers something for audiences to dig into, and Monday night's episode saw Raymond Cruz's Tuco return to deliver a particularly brutal moment. Here's why that scene was so rough for the actor.
When We Can Expect To See Walter White In Better Call Saul
Bob Odenkirk recently opened up regarding the question of Walter White appearing on Better Call Saul.
Aaron Paul's Better Call Saul Cameo Might Be Sooner Than We Thought
Luckily for fans of both series, actor Aaron Paul seems to think that Jesse Pinkman could very well show up on Better Call Saul in the near future.
How Better Call Saul Decides Which Breaking Bad Characters To Bring Back
Watching Bob Odenkirk’s ascent from Schmo to Joe on Better Call Saul is entertaining enough without Breaking Bad cameos involved, but they're awesome, and the method behind bringing people back makes a lot of sense.
Watch The New Jimmy In Better Call Saul Season 2 Clip
With the second season of Better Call Saul premiering in two weeks on AMC, a new clip from the series has hit the web.

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