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3 Vicious Rob Lowe Jokes Leaked From His Upcoming Comedy Central Roast
While much of the Comedy Central roasts revolves around the various panelists making fun of themselves, the focus always ends up eventually on the person of honor. In this case, Mr. Lowe. Much of the jokes at Lowe's expense are due to his somewhat salacious past.
The Lineup For Rob Lowe's Comedy Central Roast Is Incredibly Strange
Rob Lowe is the latest celebrity who has signed on to be roasted courtesy of Comedy Central. The lineup of his hecklers has now been confirmed. And, it's...kind of super weird.
Why Larry Wilmore Was Surprised When The Nightly Show Was Cancelled
It's never easy to have a TV show get cancelled, and now that Larry Wilmore is adjusting to the idea of The Nightly Show ending, he's let us in on why the cancellation was so surprising for him.
A Very Special Guest Will Appear On The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore Finale
Fans of Larry Wilmore's unique brand of comedy recently got some bad news with the cancellation of The Nightly Show. The good news now is that Wilmore will have a special guest turn up in the final episode.
Has Inside Amy Schumer Ended? Here's The Bizarre Messages From Schumer
Back in January, Comedy Central's darling program Inside Amy Schumer was renewed for Season 5 on the cabler. At the time, Season 4 hadn't even aired yet, and life seemed pretty simple for the cable series. No longer.
The Awesome Gift Samantha Bee Sent Larry Wilmore When She Heard About His TV Show Getting Cancelled
The last episode is this Thursday, but ever since the cast and creative team learned the news on Monday, they've dealt with the series ending in various ways. One of these is better than the others.
How Larry Wilmore Feels About The Nightly Show Getting Cancelled
Yesterday, Comedy Central made the tough decision to cancel The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, a relatively new series that had been set up to replace The Colbert Report within the schedule. Here's how the host feels about the decision
The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore Was Just Cancelled By Comedy Central
Unfortunately, one of Comedy Central's latest has already been cancelled. The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore is ending and ending soon.
Why South Park Isn't Going To Spoof Pokemon Go, According To Trey Parker
Comedy Central's South Park can always be counted on to lampoon some of the biggest trends in pop culture, and there's no greater fad at the moment than Pokemon Go. South Park won't spoof the game for one very good reason.
The Problem With Making A Show For 20 Seasons, According To Trey Parker
South Park is on the verge of its twentieth season. This is insane. People born on the night that the first episode aired are nearly allowed to drink legally. However, that's not the biggest issue with making a show for two decades.
When Workaholics Is Probably Ending, According To The Stars
While a show about a trio of stoner best friends might not have worked out on most TV networks, Workaholics is the second longest-running scripted series on Comedy Central. But there is an ending in sight, according to the co-creators and stars.
A Major Player Is Leaving The Daily Show, Here's Why
The Daily Show has been a long and storied program for Comedy Central, but it's definitely seen some growing pains since Trevor Noah took over. Now a fan favorite is leaving.
Why South Park Changed So Much In Season 19
As one of TV's most long-lasting success stories, South Park didn't seem like the show that would suddenly make drastic alterations to narrative structures and formats. But that's exactly what happened in the highly acclaimed Season 19.
13 Celebrities South Park Made Fun Of In Particularly Vicious Ways
Here are 13 celebrities that were victims of South Park's blunt force humor over the 19 seasons in which just about every aspect of our culture has been steamrolled, stacked and burned.
Viacom And Dish Network Might Go To War Over Comedy Central
It now seems that Viacom and Dish Network could soon go to war over such channels as Comedy Central, and the situation is no laughing matter.
Time Traveling Bong Trailer Is Everything You'd Want From A Time Traveling Bong Show
Prepare yourself for the trailer to Time Traveling Bong. It's exactly what it sounds like, and it could perhaps be the best series about a time traveling bong ever made.
Cult Comedy Moonbeam City Has Been Cancelled By Comedy Central
There is an awful lot of TV to choose from right now between network, cable and streaming service fodder. Because of this, it can be a lot harder for a new TV show to make its mark with audiences and land a Season 2 renewal order.
What Happened The Time Mike Tyson Broke Steve-O's Nose During A Comedy Central Roast
Steve-O of undoubtedly has plenty of injury stories from Jackass, but one of his most memorable incidents that left him bloody and broken didn't happen for the stunt series. Instead, his face collided with the fist of Mike Tyson, and his nose was definitely not the winner.
The One Guest Larry Wilmore Hated Having On His Show
Sometimes topics come up on Comedy Central's talk shows that the hosts aren’t too agreeable with, but they have to tuck it in and save face. Such a thing probably happens all the time for The Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore, who revealed his most despised past guest.
The South Park Episode That Almost Caused Trey Parker To Lose It
Not every episode of South Park is a hit, and not every episode of South Park is a miss. But only one episode of the long-running series really caused Trey Parker to lose it.

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