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George R.R. Martin's New Show Gets A Pilot Order From Syfy

A new series by George R.R. Martin is making its way to television.

Why Battlestar Galactica Never Revealed The Cylons' Plan

The 2004 reimagining of Battlestar Galactica introduced a brand new generation to the cybernetic Cylons. Now, the showrunner has come out to reveal why we never found out the Cylons' big plan.

How Dark Matter Answered That Intense Season 2 Cliffhanger

Syfy's space opera Dark Matter ended on a truly explosive cliffhanger last season, and now we finally know what happened to the crew of the Raza. Read on to find out who got out alive.

Stargate Universe Will Finally Get Its TV Cliffhanger Resolved

Syfy's Stargate Universe was cancelled back in 2011, leaving fans with a major cliffhanger. Now, fans will get the chance to finally find out what happens next to the crew of the Destiny.

Sharknado 5 Has A Crazy Title And An Even Crazier List Of Cameos

In case you had any fear that Syfy's franchise of shark-filled tornados was losing its bite, the newly-announced title of Sharknado fight should set your mind at ease.

What The Purge TV Show Will Actually Be About

We've known for a while that a small screen installment of The Purge will debut in the not-too-distant future. Now, we finally have some details.

Krypton TV Show Is Officially Happening, But Don't Expect To See Superman

There's good news on the horizon for those who need to see more TV adventures based on DC comics, Syfy has just given a series order to the Superman prequel Krypton. Read on to get all the details.

Krypton First Look Is A Dark Take On Superman's Family History

A first look at Syfy's long-awaited pilot Krypton has finally hit the web, and it paints an intriguing picture of Superman's family history.

The Magicians Renewed For Season 3 At Syfy

Fans of The Magicians, Season 3 is officially a go. Syfy's foul-mouthed show about Quentin Coldwater and his friends in the enchanted world of Fillory will be back.

Could Sharknado 5 Be The Final Sharknado Movie?

The Sharknado franchise has become a huge (and unlikely) success for Syfy, but we now have to wonder if the upcoming fifth installment will be the final. Read on for what we know.

The Purge Is Becoming A TV Series

The successful gore horror franchise The Purge is on its way to television. Will we see even more purging on television, or a different approach? Read on for the details!

The Expanse Renewed For Season 3 At Syfy

Fans of The Expanse, rejoice! The critically acclaimed Syfy series The Expanse is, uh, expanding and has been renewed for a third season.

12 Monkeys Cancelled At Syfy, But There's Good News

Fans of Syfy's 12 Monkeys are in for some bad news about the future of the series, but there's some good news as well.

Incorporated Cancelled, Season 2 Not Happening At Syfy

Syfy has been changing up its programming a lot in recent years, and with the changes some shows have lasted and some haven't.

Sharknado 5 Is Happening At Syfy, Check Out Who's Coming Back

The unfathomable fifth film in the Sharknado franchise has some familiar faces returning. Find out more about the upcoming project after the jump.

One Syfy Series Is Seeing Significant Ratings Gains

Syfy has premiered some fabulous original series in recent years, and one is actually attracting a bigger audience than ever nowadays.

Spartacus' Liam McIntyre Just Found His Next Big TV Role

Everybody who misses Spartacus may soon see star Liam McIntyre on primetime TV on a regular basis in the future. Check out where he's heading.

Do Face Off Contestants Keep Their Creations? Here's What Glenn Hetrick Says

Face Off's latest season hits Syfy soon, and judge Glenn Hetrick spoke with CinemaBlend about whether or not contestants get to hold onto the things they create for the show.

Why Face Off: All-Stars Is More Like Working On Actual Films, According To Glenn Hetrick

Face Off: All-Stars is making a change that will actually give contestants a more film-like experience, and series judge Glenn Hetrick was pumped about it in talking to CinemaBlend.

Watch Out Syfy, HBO May Get Into Space Dramas Next

HBO is encroaching on Syfy's territory with a new hardcore sci-fi drama. With the massive success of Westworld, HBO could be getting into the genre game in a big way.

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