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The Walking Dead's Worst Character Decisions
none of us have ever gone through a post-apocalyptic scenario in which the world has been overrun by zombies, casting judgment on characters from The Walking Dead for the things they've done isn't exactly fair. But it's admittedly fun, and this show isn't exactly set up for everyone to have pitch perfect reactions to threats and plans for survival.
How Daryl Should Die On The Walking Dead, According To Norman Reedus
Many fans have been worried that Daryl will be dying in the Season 7 premiere. But now it appears that Norman Reedus has other plans for how his beloved character should bite the dust.
The Wacky Things Walking Dead Fans Ask The Cast To Do
With as many fans as The Walking Dead has amassed over the years, it's no surprise some take their enjoyment of the show more seriously than others, which leads to some...special encounters and requests.
Why The Walking Dead's Kingdom Is Unlike Any Other Location
The Walking Dead has been introducing more and more communities in the past few seasons, and we'll be seeing a big new one in Season 7. According to an executive producer, the Kingdom will have key differences from all the others.
One Of The Hardest Walking Dead Scenes Norman Reedus Has Filmed, So Far
It's easy to assume no one on The Walking Dead is going to get any cooler than Norman Reedus' Daryl Dixon. But cool guys have it rough, too, folks, and Reedus spoke up about one of the hardest scenes he's filmed so far.
The Awesome Walking Dead Virtual Experience Surrounds You With Zombies, Check It Out
Fans of The Walking Dead who have lasted for six years already are probably immune to a lot of zombie apocalypse scares, but AMC's new virtual experience may be enough to scare the pants off anyway.
A Negan Prequel? Here's What Jeffrey Dean Morgan Says
Negan has only appeared in one episode of The Walking Dead so far, but he's generated an awful lot of buzz as a bad guy. Jeffrey Dean Morgan has some thoughts about a prequel series.
How The Walking Dead Has Worked To Keep Filming A Secret
Few shows in the history of television have had to work as hard to keep secrets from viewers as The Walking Dead. But necessary steps had to be taken. Here are some of them.
What The Walking Dead's Negan Was Like Before The Zombie Apocalypse
The Walking Dead will soon be back on the airwaves with Season 7, and we'll finally get another look at new bad guy Negan in action. Jeffrey Dean Morgan has dropped some tantalizing comments about what made Negan the way that he is.
How The Walking Dead's Most Controversial Scene Was Almost Way More Heartbreaking
In the past six seasons, The Walking Dead has delivered some emotionally jarring shocks and jaw-dropping moments, but one stands tall among them all. And it turns out it could have been even more heartbreaking.
How Robert Kirkman Feels About The Walking Dead Cliffhanger After The Backlash
The Walking Dead has earned a ton of crap from fans who were angry about the Season 6 cliffhanger, and creator Robert Kirkman has recently spoken out regarding this backlash.
John Cleese Summarizes The Walking Dead's First Six Seasons In This Hilarious Video
Monty Python's John Cleese and The Walking Dead don't have much in common, but their powers inexplicably combined for this hilarious video summary of the first six seasons of the zombie drama.
Why Negan Is Like The Joker, According to Norman Reedus
Negan promises to be unlike any Walking Dead villain that has come before when the show returns for Season 7. According to Norman Reedus, Negan will have some similarities to another epic villain.
Is Rick Finally Going To Lose His Hand? Here's What A Walking Dead Producer Says
Not even Negan and Lucille can stop some fans from lamenting the continued exclusion of another major factor from the Walking Dead comics: Rick's missing hand. Could that limb go missing in Season 7?
When The Walking Dead Writers Decided Who Negan's First Major Victim Would Be
The Walking Dead will finally conclude Negan's big arrival this weekend, and executive producer Greg Nicotero shared some info about the planning that went into choosing the victim.
The Walking Dead Franchise Is Getting Another Miniseries
The dead will rise once more when The Walking Dead makes its highly anticipated Season 7 debut this weekend, and it turns out the flagship zombie drama won't be the franchise's only new TV entry this fall.
The Walking Dead Renewed For Season 8 By AMC
The Walking Dead is one of the highest-rated programs on not just cable, but also television in general. Although ratings do seem to have peaked for the show, it is still completely crushing.
Why Negan Isn’t Necessarily The Bad Guy, According To Jeffrey Dean Morgan
When Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan made his dramatic entrance in the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead earlier this year, he didn't exactly leave audiences with thoughts of sunshine and rainbows.
The Walking Dead’s Second Episode Will Be Extended, Get The Details
In order to appease The Walking Dead fans who have been (not so) patiently waiting, the first two episodes of the season are going to be longer than normal.
New Walking Dead Image Teases A Major Comic Plot Line
While fans of Robert Kirkman's comic book are eagerly anticipating the introduction of communities like The Kingdom, a new image from the AMC drama may be teasing yet another major comic book plot line
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