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The career of young fashion model and cover girl, Jennifer Tree, has taken off in New York City, capturing the attention of photographers and for better or worse, the public at large. On an evening out alone, Jennifer is stalked and drugged. She wakens in a stupor to find herself captive, confined to a cell.

A series of metal bins and numbered lockers randomly and abruptly swing open containing personal items taken from her apartment. She is forced to view videotapes containing images of tortured victims before her as well as videotaped interviews she had given in the past. Trapped, realizing there is no way out, Jennifer pleads and screams to anyone that might hear her. During her confinement, she is subjected to a series of horrifying tortures that test her will and threaten her life.

Jennifer eventually finds she is not alone. Gary, a young man, is being held captive in an adjoining cell. The two make contact and join forces to figure out where they are and try to strategize a means of escape.

NYC police struggle for clues to Jennifer’s whereabouts. They suspect a meticulous serial killer who does nothing without careful preparation. Jennifer Tree’s life becomes increasingly endangered while detectives scramble to unravel the mystery behind the missing cover girl in a race against time.

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