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TV Terrors: 7 Seriously Scary TV Villains

It's nearly Halloween, which means many TV shows are aiming for big scares or Halloween costume fun with one Halloween-themed installment to mark the occasion. And then there are the series that make Halloween a season-long affair, regularly delivering creepy, violent, scary characters that leave a memorable impression. We came up with a list of some of the most scary villains on television.

11 Horror Movie Cliches, And How They Can Be Done Right

'Tis the season for scaring yourself silly, not only with horror offerings like Paranormal Activity 4 and Sinister in theaters, but with Halloween being a perfect excuse to dust off old favorite scary movies. But when you're marathoning the entire Halloween series, or just picking and choosing from among your horror favorites, you sometimes can't help but notice some annoying trends

From Moms To Militia: 5 New TV Characters That Just Don't Work

At TV Blend, we know it’s not all black and white. Sometimes a great show can feature an unconvincing character, sometimes a bland show’s scales can be tipped toward terrible by a poorly written man or woman (or alien), and sometimes even the worst shows can have a stand-out low point. This year, instead of celebrating the worst of the worst new programs on TV, we’d like to get out our shiny microscope and dig in a little deeper, taking a look at the brand new characters that just don’t work.

Fall 2012 TV Winners: 8 New Shows You Should Be Watching

It's at this point in the fall, when most of the new series have premiered, that we're forced to look at our overflowing DVRs and figure out which shows to keep and which ones to let go. And then, of course, there are the shows we haven't gotten around to checking out yet. For those of you trying to play catch-up and need a little help deciding which new series are worth a look, we've come up with a list of the keepers this season.

Non-Debatable: 16 TV Characters Who'd Dominate As A Moderator

PBS' Jim Lehrer took some heat for his moderating techniques during last week's 2012 Presidential Debate. Perhaps ABC News' Martha Raddatz will do better at keeping things on track during tonight's Vice Presidential Debate. With that debate set to take place tonight and the next Presidential debate set to take place next week, we got to thinking about some TV characters who might make good moderators.

Backstage Drama: 8 Heated Off Screen TV Feuds That Left A Mark

Recent repots that new American Idol judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey aren't getting along could be exaggerations, or perhaps the rumors are true that one of them could end up exiting the series if things can't be worked out at the judges table. At the very least, we may be in for a very tension-filled season come next year when the singing competition resumes.

Thank TV It's Friday: Reflecting On Our Favorite Friday Night Shows

It's Friday! And for some, that means the end of the work-week and weekend plans. For others, it's the day of Friday-night TV shows, including the return of Fringe and Grimm's move back to its regular time-slot. Some say Friday night is a bad night for TV, and granted, there's probably far less competition on the last night of the work-week than there is on any other weeknight. But that doesn't mean there's nothing to watch on Fridays.

Fall 2012 TV Forecast: Predicting This Seasons Winners And Losers

It's easy to look back at the fall season in retrospect and say you could have seen the success or cancellations of certain series coming. But trying to predict the success of the new series of the season isn't quite as simple. There's the matter of considering the plot, the stars, who's behind it, the network it's airing on, and what it's airing against. We took all of that into consideration when we attempted to predict which new network TV comedies and dramas would be hits, and which would flop.

Predicting What Will Win Best Picture, Way Too Early

Predicting what will get a Best Picture nomination is the easy part-- after all, you have 10 chances to be right! What the truly crazy people do this time of year is predict what will win Best Picture. So, of course, that's exactly what we're going to do

Fall Movie Guide: 20 Movies We Can't Wait To See

If you haven't noticed from all the festival buzz, or the kids trudging back to school or that slight drop in temperature outside, the fall movie season is finally gearing up, helping us leave behind the thrilling blockbusters of summer and move along to the headier, chillier and sometimes even more thrilling films of autumn

Summer Movies 2012: 5 Winners And 5 Losers

Though some kids have been back in school for a while now, and the high temperatures are starting drop, today is the official final day of summer, and of the massive summer movie season. We've been writing about the summer's movies for months, of course, but now it's time to look back and see exactly how this season went for Hollywood.

12 Generic Movie Titles That Started Off As Something Better

As Lawless prepares to go into theaters under this generic new name, it's worth remembering that it's far from the first movie to get saddled with a title way, way less interesting than the one it started out with. We've got 12 of our favorite examples below, but of course, there are many more. Check out our list, then join us in the comments to discuss other movies that started off with more interesting titles than they wound up with

Fetch Me Gently With A Chainsaw: Grading 20 Classic School Movies

Twenty films were selected and each of the Cinema Blend writers were asked to rank them in the following categories: sexiness of the hot girls and guys, awesomeness of the cool kids, relatability of the main characters, overall quoteability and overall rewatchability. The five scores in the aforementioned categories were then averaged together to produce a final number.

When Were The Expendables At Their Best?

The far better debate, however, is what movie actually represents each one of these men’s primes the best. At what point did each achieve his maximum action star awesomeness? That’s what we set off to find out. Those of us here at Cinema Blend who care about action movies (more don’t thank you would expect) split up the eight legends (average age 57.25) and put forth our nominations. The following list is what we came up with

5 More Stars We Want To See In The Expendables 3

Given the massive box office for The Expendables 2 this weekend, it's no surprise that rumors of a third installment are flying everyone, and even the film's cast and producers have been suggesting names right and left for who ought to join the action next time. But if the pattern from the first two films holds, we've got two years before The Expendables 3 comes to theaters, and almost as much time to speculate

5 Great Movies Still Left To See This Summer

But before you write off this summer movie season entirely, wait! There are still good movies left to come to theaters, even if it just seems like there's nothing but horror movies and that Joseph Gordon-Levitt bike messenger movie. Below we've got five movies that we've seen and loved and think you will too

The Best Movies We've Seen In 2012 So Far

We’re gearing up for the fall film season, when studios stockpile most of their possible awards contenders. The last few months of 2012 should be crowded with valuable viewing opportunities, so we wanted to take a moment and reflect on the best films we’ve seen so far this year. Hopefully, we’ll spotlight a film you haven’t seen yet, and, if so, inspire you to go hunt it down as soon as you can.

6 Bourne-Style Spinoffs We Want From This Year's Movies

What if we could tell side spin-offs about other 2012 movies? What other films set up characters or ideas that you'd follow, not into their own story, but separately within the story already being told? We're not talking sequels or prequels here, but seeing a story from one movie told from a completely different angle

Celebrating 5 Modern Directors And Their Signature Styles

We're not arguing that every director has to have an immediately recognizable style-- would we love the Coen Brothers nearly as much if they weren't constantly changing things up?-- but it's great to realize when a director has established him or herself away from the pack, with the confidence to bring their own flair to everything they make

Six 90s Movies That Actually Deserve A Remake

The best-case scenario for a remake is that it doesn't just tell the story well, but that it one-ups the original, bringing out themes the previous one didn't, or simply getting the casting right. And as Hollywood inevitably turns its attention to the 90s for stories they can repackage and sell all over again, there are more than a few movies that weren't really so great the first time, but could be great with just a few tweaks

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