Media Links Mortal Kombat To Girl's Death

The tragic story occurred in Johnstown, Colorado, as two teens, Heather Trujillo, 16, and Lamar Roberts, 17, were found to have beaten Garcia, Trujillo’s half-sister, to death while under their supervision. Police say that the two teens were roughhousing with Zoe and that at some point, the girl lost consciousness and stopped breathing. nder running water” before they called the girl’s mother and 911.

12 Days Of Christmas: A Very Merry Kristmas

Ironically enough, I first saw the commercials for what would become the greatest gaming gift at my Grandmother’s house, surrounded by family members during Thanksgiving. In just a few short weeks, we would all be together again, passing around huge bowls of wedding soup and pasta, and catching up on what happened between the holidays.

Duke Nukem Forever Teaser Premieres Tomorrow At Noon

In what might be the frontrunner story for the “Hell Freezes Over” trophy of 2007, software developer 3D Realms has announced that a teaser trailer for long-delayed FPS title, Duke Nukem Forever will go live tomorrow at noon.

Linkin Park, Others Arrive On Guitar Hero III

Guitar Hero III is about to get a lot heavier: today Activision announced the next set of downloadable content for would-be axe-slingers. The new set includes tracks from rock bands Linkin Park, The Used and Mastodon. While there was no specific date given for the release, the company stated that the pack would be available before the end of the year

12 Days Of Christmas: Konami Code Memories

Between mingling with the relatives upstairs, there was a good ten or fifteen of us crowded down in the basement at any given time—only about a third of my cousins. We would all take turns on the games and rotate between the air hockey table, the computer (which had a fancy game called Myst that I wouldn’t try for another four years) and the pool table. Even so many years ago

Video Game Sales Explode In November

November proved to be an incredible month for the gaming industry, far exceeding analyst’s expectations. According to The NPD Group’s data on US video games, total sales were up 52 percent to an extraordinary $2.63 billion, with software and hardware pulling in $1.3 billion and $1.1 billion, respectively, while accessories alone took in $243 million

Ubisoft Announces Record Sales, Delays

Looks like it’s time for Ubisoft’s hooded hero to break out of stealth mode and celebrate: the company reports that the action adventure title Assassin’s Creed has sold 2.5 million copies worldwide in just 4 weeks. Although no official numbers were released, Ubisoft reports that the game is now the fastest-selling video game in US history and is on track to sell more than 5 million copies next year.

Mass Effect Sales Rocket To 1M, Microsoft Inspects Roof Damage

Released on November 20th, it seems the branching, customizable sci-fi adventure is breaking new ground in terms of game play, and having an impact on the gaming community as a whole. With such high sales numbers usually not seen by role-playing games—much less ones that demand the level of involvement and customization that Mass Effect requires

Halo 3 Receives Heroic Update

For the price of 800 Microsoft points ($10), players can get their hands on the new Heroic Map Pack immediately, which includes three new maps, each with their own style of play. While the download is the “first in a series of downloadable content” arriving for the game, players can expect the current price to remain for only a short time as the pack will become free of charge come this spring, just before the release of the second Heroic Map Pack

Nintendo Offers Plenty of Wii-Gifting

Good news for anyone who has a friend with Donkey Kong Jr. Math on their Christmas list: Nintendo’s Virtual Console service for the Wii has now been upgraded to include a new “gift” feature, just in time for the holidays. Scheduled to launch some time today (no exact time was given), the feature will allow users to purchase games and immediately select a recipient from their friends list for the title, done and done

Gamestop And THQ Announce WWE Tourney

The squared circle is about to get a lot bigger as THQ has just announced that registration for the WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 International Tournament will commence today. Beginning in January, players from North America, the UK, and continental Europe will be able to put their grappling skills to the test. The tournament will continue through February until the top four players from each locale have risen above the rest

Midway's Stranglehold Sheds More Blood

The company stated that a DLC release is scheduled for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and will provide an incredible 10 new multiplayer maps for players to sideways-dive around in as well as 21 new multiplayer skins to bloody up. The news is a little bit sweeter for 360 owners though, who also get another 10 bonus achievements worth 250 MS Points to stretch the title even further.

Criterion Provides A Taste Of Winter Paradise

Criterion Games announced today that a playable demo of their hotly anticipated racer, Burnout Paradise, is due to arrive on December 13th through Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. The fifth entry into the series introduces an entirely new open-ended approach to the gameplay, allowing players to explore a virtual city.

NIMF Gives Gaming Industry A Time Out

In its annual MediaWise Video Game Report Card, NIMF is ultimately calling for a “universal ratings system” for all types of entertainment media. The watchdog group claims that although there is a ratings system implemented in the industry, there is still much more that needs to be done by the ESRB in terms of educating children and, more importantly, their parents when they head to the counter.

The PS3 Outsells Wii: The Old Boy Still Has A Hammer Wield

According to Reuters, Sony's system sold a whopping 183,217 units versus the Wii's 159,193, marking the first time since both systems have been on shelves that Nintendo's console didn't take home the prize. Industry experts are skeptical however that Sony's luck will continue to move in such a positive trend, citing that although the company took this round, Nintendo still has much of the interest piked from casual gamers who, since the release of Nintendo's Wii, have helped to push the industry into new mainstream territory.

Top 5 Most Deserved Classic Resurrections

Let’s face it—Hollywood has had an increasing influence on game production over the last decade. From A-list actors lending their voices to flesh out characters to an overall cinematic approach to games such as Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect. It’s no surprise that the gaming industry often surpasses the film industry in terms of sheer annual revenue. So why haven’t we seen the same amount of remake cash-ins in games?

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