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After only a year together, Electronic Arts and Marvel Interactive have called off their union that was set to create an all-new fighting game franchise that would pit some of the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe against one another. Today, Marvel Interactive announced that the two companies will no longer be working together/seeing one another.

A deal was struck last summer that would see one of EA’s studios developing the first entry into what was sure to be a killer franchise, but the company soon shut that studio down, leading many to wonder what exactly would happen with the game.

Justin Lombros, VP of Marvel Interactive stated, "Electronic Arts and Marvel have jointly agreed to discontinue development of Marvel fighting games under the Electronic Arts brand. This was a business decision based on Electronic Arts portfolio strategy and will not affect Marvel's ongoing plans to release fighting games based on the Marvel properties in the future."

Clearly Marvel does indeed want to move forward with the fighting game project (as do many of us), but at the moment the company has not made any mention of a new publisher or distributor. Looks like we can put what was sure to be a comic fan’s dream come true on the back burner for a while—just don’t start playing Marvel Nemesis while you wait.

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