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TV Recap: American Idol- The Final Two- Let’s Get Ready To Idol!

For weeks, David Archuleta has been dominating the pre-Finale chatter, with most believing only a miracle performance by David Cook will prevent everyone’s favorite teen (with everyone’s least favorite dad) from taking the Idol title. But just as the Archie bandwagon as grown, there has been just a big an Archu-backlash. Has he been too over-hyped?

TV Recap: American Idol – Top Three – They Say Things Come in Threes

Everyone will be on the lookout tonight for what David Archuleta will pick, because this was the week that his dad was told his backstage pass was no good and would not be allowed to participate in rehearsals. Listen, you can be an annoying stage parent, but once money gets involved, you’re out!

American Idol- Top 5- No Good, No Good, No Good

OK, kids, confession time: I can’t stand Neil Diamond. Maybe it’s because “Sweet Caroline” has creeped its way into major sporting events (the fans sing it at every New York Jets game I’ve been too, as if watching the team wasn’t torture enough). Or maybe it’s because Neil has been adopted semi-ironically by white frat boys all across this great land.

Are Changes Coming To American Idol?

According to trade reports, last week’s episode, which showed tattooed-tocker Carly Smithson getting kicked off (which I thought was a total miscarriage of justice), was the lowest-rated edition of the show in five years. In an effort to see if a shake up is necessary in Cowell-land, Fox bosses have put out a survey asking fans about possible change they’d like to see next season.

American Idol – Andrew Lloyd Webber Night – Music Of The Blight

So far, it looks like we are watching the last Andrew Lloyd Weber night the show will ever do, because with all the articles about how Idol is dropping in the ratings, they can’t have disasters like this happen again. While most people declared David Archuleta the winner of this contest weeks ago, I remained unconvinced, until this week.

American Idol – Mariah Carey Night (Insert High Pitch Note Here)

Michael Johns is one lucky man. Sure, he might have gotten voted off last week (much to the shock of many, including me), but at least he didn’t have to spend time with Mimi. Tonight is Mariah Carey night, who recently achieved the lofty status of having as many #1 hits as Elvis Presley

American Idol – Top 8 – You’re The Inspiration

Apparently, all the judges were hit on the head with a lighting rig when they weren’t on camera, causing major head trauma, because they are all fawning over Jason like he just killed at Giants Stadium. I’m not even going to bother with predictions tonight, because the judges and I are so far apart, I’m never going to get it right tonight (even though, like Simon likes to say, I am right).

TV Recap: American Idol – Dolly Parton Night – This Theme Is A Bust

Dolly is making a comeback this year, but the buzz for her new album hasn’t reached the level of, let’s say, the record Loretta Lynn made with Jack White a few years ago. And when she announced that she was canceling her tour because all those years of carrying her breasts around had finally taken its toll on her back, I thought at least it would be weeks before Ms. Dollywood would be on the show, if at all.

American Idol – Top Ten – From The Day That You Were Born

Knowing that the theme this week on American Idol was songs from the contestant’s birth years, I thought I would do an experiment; I tried to pick a song from my birth year that I would perform if I was on Idol. After looking at the top singles from each contestant’s birth years, I discovered two things: One, some years are better left buried, and two, it’s a good thing the show has an age ceiling.

TV Recap - American Idol - I’ve Just Seen A Farce

It’s been awhile since an American Idol performance actually made me angry. The last thing I’ll say about Chikeze is this: Remember in Anchorman how every time someone tries to describe how that Sex Panther cologne smells, it gets grosser and grosser? That’s how I felt about his performance – the more it lingered, the worse it got.

American Idol – The Top 12 – They Can Work It Out

There are very few things I obsess over musically, but the Lennon-McCartney songbook happens to be one of them. And while not every song from the pre-1966-era is a masterpiece, most of the Beatles catalogue is pretty much untouchable to be. So reviewing tonight’s American Idol show, knowing that it’s based around John and Paul’s work, is going to be a tall order for me.

Is Jerry Seinfeld Coming Back To NBC?

Remember when Jerry Seinfeld was on 30 Rock a few months back playing a self-inflated, egotistical version of himself (yeah, sure version)? Well, apparently that little guest stint went so well that Seinfeld is in talks with NBC for a summer series that is being described as “Curb Your Enthusiasm, but with Jerry.

TV Recap: American Idol – Girls Night - Material Girls

This was a weird week, because no one got a clear cut answer about who’s in trouble this week. Except for Simon, all the comments were over-positive. Now I know we expect that for Paula, but Randy was really no help this week.

TV Recap: American Idol – Boys Night – 8 For 80s

As much as I’ll try to focus on the music tonight, I can’t ignore the fact that the Idol talk this week has more about male stripping, Facebook pictures, and punk-rock rants. But enough about the gossip, let’s get to the songs, because tonight is the last boy/girl night before the merge to make the final 12.

American Idol – Girls Night – Have A Nice Decade

Already you know Ryan isn’t big on tonight’s show because he didn’t bother to dress up. Where’s the blazer? Where’s the vest? He looks like he’s running a web startup. I’m wearing a better outfit typing this review that Seacrest has on TV right now

TV Recap: American Idol – Guys Night – Super Sounds of the 70s

While most of the rock of the decade was pretty good (Zep, Stones, and The Ramones), the top 40 of the time was mostly crap. And tonight, my “Me Decade” argument was solidified even more by the songs picked by the boys of American Idol. Even the judges were shocked by the schlock the contestants chose to belt out.

American Idol – Girls Night – 60s Night

For all of Ryan’s hype of how talented this 24 is, no one has really blown anyone else away. It’s almost becoming like Carrie Underwood’s year when each week was a pretty futile exercise until the final. People are going to have to step it up, or Michael Johns and Syesha are just going to run away with this, and the show is going to stink until May.

TV Recap: American Idol – Boys Night – Back To The 60s

They say you should never stuff 10 pounds of stuff into a 5 pound bag, but American Idol always proves that the opposite is true once competition gets started. To me, the first shows, which features 12 boys on one night and 12 girls on the other over two hours, seems like putting 12 ounces of sugar in a sack meant for a ton.

TV Recap: American Idol – Hollywood: The Final Judgment

With all the changes American Idol made to Hollywood Week, it’s good to know that the best parts of the final cuts before the live performance shows were still there: The Elevator and The Chair.

TV Recap: American Idol – Hollywood – The Talent Is So Strong

One of the things they changed is that they got rid of the “Group Sing” part of the show. I think this was a HUGE mistake. What made some of the Hollywood shows so great was the interaction between the singers who they have to not only work together with one minute, but compete against the next. I think this really has to come back next year.

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