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Why Lucifer Didn’t Get Too Racy On Netflix, Despite The Nude Scenes

Lucifer showed off more of its devilish side after moving to Netflix, but star Tom Ellis explained why it wasn't racier than it was.

The CW's Batwoman Trailer: 5 Moments That Prove It's The Batman Show We Really Need

A full-length trailer for The CW's Batwoman finally released, and it proves that Batwoman is the Batman show we really need.

Did Chicago Med Reveal A Murderer Works At The Hospital?

The penultimate episode of Chicago Med Season 4 killed somebody off, and the killer may be a hospital employee.

Why Bull Was Renewed For Season 4 After Michael Weatherly Issues, According To CBS Boss

The renewal of Bull came despite a cloud of controversy surrounding leading man Michael Weatherly, and one CBS exec revealed why it happened.

Could Lucifer Season 5 Happen After That Hellish Season 4 Cliffhanger?

Lucifer premiered its long-awaited fourth season on Netflix, and it ended on a killer cliffhanger that already has fans pondering a Season 5. Tom Ellis weighed in on the possibility.

Why Criminal Minds And MacGyver Aren't On CBS' Fall Schedule

CBS didn't list Criminal Minds or MacGyver on its fall TV schedule, and this is why.

The Flash Isn't Done With The Villain Godspeed Yet, Thank Heavens

Godspeed to the good guys of The Flash, because Godspeed isn't done.

All The Flash Characters That Died Or Left In The Season 5 Finale

The Season 5 finale of The Flash was a game-changer for several characters and the people they left behind.

The Flash Season 5 Finale Revealed A Key Crisis On Infinite Earths Detail

"Crisis on Infinite Earths" is coming in the fall, and The Flash's Season 5 finale revealed a key detail about it.

The Big Bang Theory Finale Has Tons Of Easter Eggs And Special Moments For Fans

The series finale of The Big Bang Theory is almost here, and there will be lots of treats in store for fans.

How Game Of Thrones Compares To Star Wars, According To Pedro Pascal

Game of Thrones actor Pedro Pascal has joined the Star Wars universe, and he shared how they compare.

The Big Bang Theory Showrunner Jokingly Compares Series Finale To Game Of Thrones'

The Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones are both ending this week, and Big Bang's showrunner compared the series finales of the two shows.

How Arrow Said Goodbye To Felicity Smoak In The Season 7 Finale

The Season 7 finale marked Emily Bett Rickards' last appearance as Arrow's leading lady, and here's how the show say goodbye to Felicity.

Did Arrow Reveal A Huge Crisis On Infinite Earths Death In Felicity's Final Episode?

The final episode of Arrow Season 7 brought back an unexpected character who seemingly revealed a gigantic death is on the way in the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover event.

What Really Happened With That Jaime Lannister Hand Error, According to HBO

Just one week after social media buzzed over Game of Thrones featuring a coffee cup at Winterfell, fans are talking about a certain shot of Jaime Lannister with both hands intact. HBO explained what's happening.

How NCIS: Los Angeles' JAG Reunion Did In The Ratings

The big NCIS: Los Angeles episode that brought in JAG characters has aired, and here's how many people tuned in to watch.

Why Game Of Thrones’ Brutal Dany Twist May Lead To Another Civil War In Westeros

Game of Thrones delivered a brutal and devastating Daenerys twist in the penultimate episode, and it could lead to yet another civil war. Here's why.

Every Game Of Thrones Character That Got Killed Off In The Battle For King's Landing

The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones killed off some notable characters to set the stage for the finale. Here's who tragically (and not-so-tragically) bit the dust.

How Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 6 Is Like Game Of Thrones, According To Clark Gregg

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is finally returned for its sixth season, and star Clark Gregg explained some similarities to Game of Thrones.

How Game Of Thrones' Final Season Is Doing With DVR Ratings

Here's how Game of Thrones is performing in DVR ratings in its last season.

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