Superhero Movies By The Numbers, An Infographic

Hollywood’s been churning out superhero movies for more than half a century now, but it’s only in the past decade that they’ve really become an all-encompassing, cultural phenomenon

Video Game Movies By The Numbers, An Infographic

In a few hours Resident Evil: Afterlife will hit theaters, the latest in a long line of Hollywood attempts to make video games work as feature films. We’re decades into this video game

An Infographic Guide To Actual EGOT Winners

Tonight the quest for EGOT will begin for several lucky winners at the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. What’s an EGOT? It’s the pinnacle of entertainment achievement

Blenders Episode 30- Mattman Returns

Blenders returns after a long winter break full of sadness and despair. Rejoice in the warm, spreading glow that is Cinema Blend's official webcomic! In this installment everything comes full circle as we return to the ongoing Mattman Begins saga.

Blenders Episode 29
Blenders Episode 28
Blenders Episode 27
Blenders Episode 26
Blenders Episode 25
Blenders Episode 24
Blenders Episode 23
Blenders Episode 22
Blenders Episode 21
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