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13 Horror Movies to Watch on Netflix This Halloween Season

13 nights of terrifying frights streaming right in your living room.

5 Things Black Panther 2 Needs To Include

Black Panther 2 is officially a go, and these are the things that we hope to see in the super sequel.

6 Marvel Villains Avengers 4 Could Use

Thanos might not be the only big bad that comes a-knocking in Avengers 4.

Benedict Wong Says Doctor Strange 2 Will Start Filming Soon

Benedict Wong gives an update on the long-rumored Doctor Strange 2.

New Bond 26 Rumor Say Barbara Broccoli And Co. May Have Found New Bond

A new rumor states that James Bond may have been found for when Daniel Craig calls it quits.

Chris Evans Reveals His Goodbye Marvel Post May Not Be What It Seemed

Chris Evans is backtracking on his hint about his final days playing Captain America.

How Venom 2 Can Improve On The First Movie

After a very successful debut, it might be time to already begin thinking about a sequel to Venom.

3 Things Venom Does Really Well

Yes, the "turd in the wind" has a few bright spots. Let's run through them now.

Venom's CinemaScore Is A Lot Higher Than Its Critics Score

Audiences are having a better reaction to Venom than most critics have so far.

Mark Ruffalo Went To New York Comic Con In Disguise To Take Pictures With Jason Momoa
Venom Mentions A Controversial Spider-Man Comic Story That Fans Might Miss

Comic book fans may have a caught a potential reference to a Venom storyline from his time in New York.

8 Marvel Characters Who Deserve Spinoff Movies On Disney's Streaming Service

Disney Play can open up lots of doors for the MCU's never-ending stable of heroes.

All The Fantastic Beasts Actually Seen in the Fantastic Beasts 2 Trailer

Let's not forget about the fantastic beasts in the Fantastic Beasts 2 trailer.

Ryan Reynolds Had The Best Response To Blake Lively's Racy A Simple Favor Photo

This celebrity couple knows how to use the internet really well.

Thor's Original Gladiator Look In Ragnarok Is Unrecognizable

Thor's costume could have been completely different in Thor: Ragnarok.

Dark Phoenix Director Explains What Jean Grey’s Cracked Face Means
The Charlie's Angels Reboot Has Cast A Captain Marvel Star

A Captain Marvel star joins the growing roster of Charlie's Angels.

What Birds Of Prey's Jurnee Smollett Could Look Like As Black Canary

One fan artist imagines Jurnee Smollett-Bell in the superhero costume.

Annabelle 3 Has Found The Young Girl Who Will Be Annabelle's Next Target

Annabelle 3 has found the next little girl with really bad taste in dolls.

Sounds Like Morbius Could Be The Next Spiderverse Movie Made After Venom

Assuming Venom is a hit, Morbius the Living Vampire is next up to bat.

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