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Sister Act 3 Is Happening On Disney's Streaming Service
Brie Larson 'Feeling All The Feels' As New Captain Marvel Footage Shows In Brazil

Brie Larson is feeling on top of the world sharing brand new footage of Captain Marvel in Brazil.

Bumblebee Has Screened, Here Are The Early Reactions

Is Bumblebee just more of the same for the Transformers franchise or is it a much-needed breath of fresh air?

Bad Boys 3 Is Bringing Back Another Familiar Character

The Bad Boys 3 cast grows with the addition of a familiar character from the previous films.

First Look At Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Millennium Falcon At Disney World

Get your first look at one of the star attractions at Disney's new Star Wars theme park!

Avengers Directors Think The Two-Hour Movie Needs To Die

The standard length of a feature film may be due for some changes, so say The Russo Brothers.

Jason Momoa Has Strong Feelings About The Snyder Cut

Jason Momoa wants to see that original cut of Justice League, too.

How Marvel Should Handle Captain America After Avengers 4

If he's not destined for a grave, Captain America has got some options.

The Captain Marvel Trailer Gave Us The Best Look At Annette Bening's Character

We still don't have a name, but let's take a peek at the first look at Annette Bening's secretive Captain Marvel character from the new trailer

Why Secret Wars Is A Great Idea For An Avengers Film

It might be a secret war, but everyone needs to know about this massive comic book event.

Shining Sequel Doctor Sleep Wraps Production, Check Out The Touching Post

The director of The Shining sequel gets real as filming wraps.

The Kingsman Prequel Wants Great Actors Over Major Stars, And Just Cast A Few

The Kingsman prequel is taking a different approach to casting than it did for The Golden Circle.

Fast And Furious Stars Honor Paul Walker On 5th Anniversary Of His Death

Paul Walker's friends and co-stars honored the actor five years after his death.

New Halloween Movie Unites All 19 Michael Myers Actors

If you see 19 Michael Myers gathering together, you turn right around and run for your life.

Pepper Potts' Iron Man Armor Seemingly Confirmed For Avengers 4

Is there even more evidence that Pepper Potts is suiting up in Avengers 4?

Fantastic Beasts Can Actually Learn Something From the Star Wars Prequels

Grindelwald could stand to learn a thing or two from Palpatine when it comes to starting wars.

Please Stop With Robin Hood Movies, Hollywood

Can we finally admit that Robin Hood hasn't hit the bullseye in a long time?

R.I.P., Ricky Jay: Hollywood Mourns Actor and Magician

The famed magician, actor, and consultant has passed away.

The Crimes Of Grindelwald Deleted Scenes Eddie Redmayne Was Saddest To See Cut

Not even the power of magic can protect against the cutting room floor.

Tom Cruise Wrote Alec Baldwin's Final Mission: Impossible Line, Which Was Literally Phoned In
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