Did The Rock Just Take Another Jab At Vin Diesel?

Well, it certainly has been an interesting week for the Fast 8 crew. While the production continually shows off crazy stunt work and promotion material for the film, all of that has been somewhat overshadowed by the feud between Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson and Vin Diesel. After the Rock sent out an Instagram expressing his frustration at a particular "candyass", news broke that the ass in question was franchise star Vin Diesel. The feud has been quiet for the last few days, but now Johnson has posted yet again to Instagram and his silence might be more telling than anything.

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Dwayne Johnson has officially wrapped production on Fast 8 and bid farewell to the cast and crew through his personal Instagram. In the post, he called out a few specific names like Tyrese Gibson and Nathalie Emmanuel for their hard work and, rather noticeably, a name is missing. Johnson makes no mention of Vin Diesel, which could mean quite a few things.

It's entirely possible The Rock did not specifically bring up Vin Diesel, because if he thanked everyone in the movie then it would take like 20 posts to do so. Johnson only thanks a small portion of the cast, and shouldn't be expected to include absolutely everyone.

On the other hand, considering all the publicity surrounding The Rock v Diesel: Dawn of Beef, it's curious that he wouldn't at all mention his co-star, who is also the lead actor. This whole thing could have ended if he said something positive, but now this only leaves the post open to more speculation (which is maybe what he wants). It's also possible he just didn't want to add more fuel to the fire and just left it alone, but we really have no way of knowing any of that. Finally, there's the off-chance that this is all fake in order to drum up publicity and media attention that fits the macho aesthetic of the franchise.

This whole feud started when Dwayne Johnson posted on Instagram praising his female co-stars, but calling out the men as being unprofessional (because doing so on Instagram screams professionalism). It later broke that Johnson was mainly referring to Vin Diesel, whose decisions as a producer weren't gelling with Johnson. Some co-stars have stepped up diffuse the situation, such as Tyrese Gibson when he posted about his positive relationship with The Rock. Supposedly Johnson and Diesel held a meeting on set to hash out their differences but were unable to reach common ground. The two have gone on to assure that their feud would not affect the film, and that the intensity behind-the-scenes only made their performances better.

We'll see how this all plays out when Fast 8 hits theaters on April 14, 2017.

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