Check Out Negan's Violent Murder Scene Done With Lego

Fair warning: There are HUGE SPOILERS here for any who have not yet watched the season premiere of The Walking Dead (though how can you not know at this point?).

The show may have made us wait an entire summer and then some for an answer, but at least The Walking Dead didn't disappoint when it delivered one of the most brutal and grotesque death scenes in recent memory. The death of Glenn--and Abraham prior--was a hugely emotional and gut-wrenching moment for longtime fans and devotees, so here's that exact same scene but in LEGO form! LEGO bricks typically make everything better, so maybe a LEGO-ified brain bashing won't be too bad? One thing's for certain: this is definitely not suitable for ages 3-4.

Okay, I was wrong. That was somehow MORE disturbing in LEGO.

This video comes to us courtesy of kristo499 on YouTube, who had to have spent days animating this one. The video imagines what Lucille the bat's big scene would look like in LEGO form and even the brand's stalwart cutesy characters and vibe can't lessen the blow. The three-minute video is an almost shot-for-shot reenactment of the live action one -- complete with Negan splattering Abraham's blood on Rick's face. Watching those LEGO with their horrified expressions while LEGO Negan smiles as he terrifies them is incredibly disturbing; it's also funny in a "I can't believe this is still coming off so serious" kind of way.

Major props have to go to the creator for the special effects in this video. Animating the blood and brain goo had to have been difficult. Of course, we have to point out the Glenn of it all, who had some gnarly makeup effects in the actual episode. The video manages to put its own spin on it and while the eyeball popping out isn't quite as effective on a LEGO as it was on Steven Yeun, it's still impressive.

glenn eyeball

If this doesn't satiate your LEGO bloodlust then good news for you! Kristo499 has more LEGO Walking Dead death scenes and has animated some of the biggest deaths in the series history. Some of these videos include the death of Hershel, as well as the three-way death of Sam, Jesse, and Ron from last season. You can watch the latter here and relive Ron's dick move of shooting Carl through the eye.

Now that Rick and the gang are under Negan's thrall, we can expect a lot more violence and brutality in the coming weeks. Don't be surprised if we get at least one more big death scene before the season is out. You can watch The Walking Dead when it airs Sunday's at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Matt Wood

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