The Walking Dead's Chandler Riggs Has A Mullet In His New Movie, Check It Out

For eight long seasons, Chandler Riggs has starred on AMC's The Walking Dead as Carl, the young son of main character Rick Grimes. Carl is one of the only original characters from Season 1 still on the show, and fans love to speculate whether or not he makes it to the end of any new season. While his fate in Season 8 is still debatable, one thing fans always seem to agree on is that this kid needs a haircut. Riggs' long flowing mane has been the butt of a few jokes, and we'll see if that changes after people get a look at his new haircut. Check it out:

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Is that a young Eugene I see? Nope, that's Chandler Riggs sporting a new haircut -- a mullet to be exact. Riggs unveiled his new hairdo on his Twitter page, writing that he was giving his fans a little "forewarning." The Walking Dead actor had to cut his hair for a new movie, and that movie apparently requires him to have a mullet. Riggs didn't say much more, but he doesn't seem to be too big a fan of it himself, writing that he'd be "stuffing it into a hat" until he wraps the movie.

While we are left to ponder about this mysterious new movie (it isn't listed on Riggs' IMDB page), The Walking Dead enthusiasts are already beginning to speculate that Season 8 could be Carl's last. While fans usually theorize that Carl will die every year, this season seems a bit more believable than most. Outside of the usual reasons like contract negotiations and college education, this season of The Walking Dead has done some thematic teasing that Carl could be biting the dust. Fans have also speculated that the flash forward to a teary-eyed Rick could be about Carl's death. We'd like to point out that Steven Yeun was signing on for more movie roles, too, before it was confirmed he was getting killed off the show.

Regardless of Carl's fate, fans seem to be taking to Chandler Riggs' new mullet fairly well. While some are already ringing the death bell, others are having a bit more fun. Some have compared the new look to Eugene, another The Walking Dead character who's unapologetically formal in the front, but parties in the back, and Steve Harrington from Stranger Things. One Twitter fan pointed out a fun comparison between Eugene and the secrecy of Riggs' mullet.

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We're not sure what's going to happen with Carl in the future, but The Walking Dead airs new episodes on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. An announcement about Chandler Riggs' new movie is likely coming soon, so keep checking in with CinemaBlend for more movie updates.

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