Australian filmmaking siblings Michael and Peter Spierig are slowly making a name for themselves in Tinseltown. After breaking in with the ultra-low-budget zombie movie Undead back in 2003, the Brothers tackled a different breed of the undead with this year's vampire action flick Daybreakers. It didn't set the box office on fire, but it obviously impressed the right people, since the Spierigs were just recently handed the keys to the new Dark Crystal sequel.

The Brothers also have a fan in Daybreakers co-star Willem Dafoe, if this clip from the DVD's behind-the-scenes materials is any indication. The brief clip gives a bit of background on the two and includes footage from the Undead shoot. You can get the full rundown of what extras to expect when Daybreakers hits Blu-ray and DVD in our previous story right here.

Daybreakers was a breath of fresh air in our Twilight-addled pop-cultural landscape, a brutal and bloody look at a world where the vampires have won and humanity is food, not the subject of an ill-fated (and poorly scripted) teen romance. One of the things I loved the most about Daybreakers was the attention to detail the Brothers put into extrapolating a vampire-run society, from underground sidewalks to after-dark school zones. These two are talents to watch in coming years, with both the Dark Crystal sequel and a science-fiction spin on swashbuckler Captain Blood in the works. Over to you, Mr. Dafoe...

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