The Simpsons' thirteenth season is coming to Blu-ray and DVD August 24th, but if you're going to be in Comic Con this week you can pick up a limited-edition DVD version shaped like Ralph Wiggum's head. Just stop by the Fox booth (#4313) between July 22 and July 25 and you'll be able to buy the molded-head DVD collection a month before the rest of us plebes will be able to get our grubby little hands on it. Even better, you'll get a limited-edition lithograph thrown in with your purchase.

For those of you not staring down the unholy crowds in San Diego this week -- and assuming you haven't given up on the show -- you'll have to wait until August 24th to pick up the thirteenth season on Blu-ray ($59.99) and DVD ($49.98). To refresh your memory, this was the year that included the Simpsons visiting Brazil and including guest appearances by Ben Stiller, Reese Witherspoon, Richard Gere, Pierce Brosnan, Matthew Perry, R.E.M., and Paul Newman. Here's the rundown of the set. Hey, at the very least they aren't scrimping on extras...

All 22 Episodes
  • Treehouse of Horror XII
  • The Parent Rap
  • Homer the Moe
  • A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love
  • The Blunder Years
  • She of Little Faith
  • Brawl in the Family
  • Sweets and Sour Marge
  • Jaws Wired Shut
  • Half-Decent Proposal
  • The Bart Wants What it Wants
  • The Latest Gun in the West
  • The Old Man and the Key
  • Tales from the Public Domain
  • Blame It On Lisa
  • Weekend at Burnsie’s
  • Gump Roast
  • I Am Furious Yellow
  • The Sweetest Apu
  • Little Girl in the Big Ten
  • The Frying Game
  • Poppa’s Got a Brand New Badge

Special Features
  • Audio commentaries on every episode featuring executive producers, writers, directors, cast, and notable guest stars on select episodes including Stan Lee, Joe Mantegna, Delroy Lindo, Robert Pinsky, and others.
  • Deleted scenes
  • Special Featurettes:
    • A Token from Matt Groening
    • Ralphisms
    • The People Ball
    • The 13th Crewman
    • Blame It On The Monkeys
    • The Games
    • The Sweet Life of Ralph
  • Animation Showcases for eps. "The Parent Rap" and "Sweet & Sour Marge"
    • Animatic with episode PIP
    • Storyboard with episode PIP
  • Sketch Galleries
  • Commercials
  • Special Language Feature
  • Easter Eggs

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