What Dreams May Come is hitting Blu-Ray on May 3rd, a fact that is just barely newsworthy. People hated the movie when it came out in 1998 and have by now largely forgotten it, just as they’ve largely forgotten Cuba Gooding Jr. It’s worth mentioning the Blu-Ray release, however, for the small niche of people who can get past the film’s generic plot fallacies and who can appreciate the imagery that earned the film a visual effects Academy Award.

What Dreams May Come is in some ways more vivid than Avatar, and this should translate especially well onto a Blu-Ray digital picture. It’s also just as preachy as Avatar, but in a way that has more to do with spiritualism than an environmentally friendly outlook. Unlike the Blu-Ray for Avatar, which will run you $39.98 at its cheapest regular price, the brand new What Dreams Blu-Ray will cost a scant $26.98.

If the price isn’t enough to entice you to buy this film, perhaps the special features will be. The Blu-Ray will come with commentary from director Vincent Ward, a trailer and photo gallery, an alternate ending (which will hopefully make up for the lack of surprise in the original film), and two featurettes, one concerning the film's visual effects and another that's a general making-of piece.

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