If you missed out on one of the hottest shows of the year while it was airing, The Walking Dead: Season One is coming to Blu-ray and DVD on March 8th. It's got a little of everything: horror, drama, pathos...and, of course, braaaaaaaaaiiiins. Plus, it involves the talents of a couple of people you might have heard of named Frank Darabont and Gale Anne Hurd. If you're curious as to what you're in for, AMC and Anchor Bay Entertainment have sent along a new trailer for the DVD release.

Based on Robert Kirkman's comic series, The Walking Dead introduces us to a cop named Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), who awakens from a bullet-induced coma to find himself in an abandoned, blood-spattered hospital. The scene outside is no better, and Rick soon learns that he slept through the zombie apocalypse. Rick hits the road in search of his wife and son, along the way encountering small bands of survivors, some friendly...some not so. As the series progresses, the question becomes not just if Rick and company can survive in this violent new reality, but if there's any point in doing so. Here's the trailer.

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