They say that truth is stranger than fiction. If that's true, then the story of CIA officer Valerie Plame's outing by the very government she served certainly qualifies. With a real-life tangle of betrayal, secrets, and scandal, it was just a matter of time until someone brought Plame's story to the big screen. In this case, "a matter of time" meant "until last November," when director Doug Liman brought Fair Game to American theaters. Now the film is headed for home video this March 29th.

As expected, Fair Game will be available on both Blu-Ray ($30.49) and DVD ($22.99) from Summit Entertainment. Naomi Watts plays Plame, with Sean Penn taking the role of her retired ambassador husband, whose article criticizing America's actions in Iraq serves as the catalyst for the White House's leaking of Plame's undercover status. The disc will be light on special features, but the audio commentary with the real-life Valerie Plame-Wilson and husband Joe Wilson should make for a fascinating listen.

You can read Katey's review of Fair Game right here.

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