There’s a certain faction of kids who are all over special features on a disc, especially if there is an interactive component. Dealing with a remote and processing information without parental guidance seems to be a way for kids to turn movie magic into a whole new experience. Disney’s been all over this since Blu-rays came to the forefront, but it seems as if Paramount is catching on. The company’s newest child-friendly release, Rango, will hit Blu-ray and DVD on July 15th, and the Blu-ray/DVD/digital copies will be chock full of extras.

If you and your family aren’t of the interactive ilk, standard DVD copies will come with an extended version of Rango, commentary with director Gore Verbinski and other crew, a “Real Creatures of the Dirt” featurette, and deleted scenes. Springing for the slightly more expensive but larger Blu-ray package will get you all of the DVD features plus more. There’s a two-part documentary about the unique animation style Verbinski and creators used to make Rango. This might be the one thing kids skip. They can check out the whole film in storyboards, though, or check out the interactive “A Field Trip to Dirt” extra, where viewers can choose their own tour of Dirt, meet some of the residents, and unlock trivia and bonus footage. Sounds a hell of a lot cooler than the interactive sticker-book Disney gave us with Bambi Diamond Edition.

Though the last two paragraphs were spent discussing the merits of purchasing Rango for kids, if you’re an adult, don’t let this hinder you from checking the film out. Yes, Rango is an animated movie about a pet chameleon who becomes a sheriff. It’s also wickedly funny, and just as great of a watch for adults. So check it out in July, whether or not you are interested in the Blu-ray features.

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