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Go Ninja, Go Ninja Go!

I’m not a huge Ninja fan. I tend to side with the pirates when pirate vs. ninja arguments break out, and I wanted the samurai to win during the awesome ninja/samurai battle during The Last Samurai. Honestly, the closest I’ve come to being a ninja person is the fact that I share a name with one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who are cooler more because they are mutant turtles than because they are ninjas.

I’m getting a crash course in what I’ve missed out on in ninja film thanks to First Look Studios, who is putting out the Ninja Collection 10 Feature Film Set - a collection of ten ninja movies, described by the studio as “some of the most influential ninja films of the twentieth century.” Since I don’t know ninjas that much, I can’t say how much I agree with that statement. I guess we’ll see what I think as I make my way through the ten movies included in the collection, which will be available in stores on December 30th.

The Ninja Collection 10 includes:

  • Ninjitsu
  • Ninja Hunt
  • Ninja Phantom Force
  • Purple Hood Ninja 1
  • Purple Hood Ninja 2
  • Seventeen Ninja
  • Hero of Swallow
  • Ninja Power Force
  • Golden Ninja Invasion
  • Cyber Ninja