The last movie James L. Brooks directed, 2004’s Spanglish, was given an $80 million budget the movie financially never recouped. Yet, Brook’s 2010 endeavor, How Do You Know, was greenlit with a $120 million budget attached. Even if we attribute this to the film having some of today’s biggest actors and actresses on board, including the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, and Jack Nicholson (poor Paul Rudd got paid a whole lot less), how did anyone think giving the man that much money to play with was fiscally responsible? I like James L. Brooks. I think the man has a lot of ideas going on in his stories. But he needs to learn to stay within a manageable budget. Yeesh.

In order to squeeze a few more dimes out of the unexcited populace, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is bringing How Do You Know to home audiences on March 22nd. Special features for the Blu-Ray will be extensive and will include commentary with filmmakers, as well as deleted scenes with additional commentary and select scene commentary with Owen Wilson. Besides the mad amounts of commentary, there will be an interactive script gallery feature, a blooper reel, an “Extra Innings” segment, and a special called “The George.”

Sony should have thought about releasing this title a few weeks earlier. With Valentine’s Day coming up, a rom-com about a love trio might have been just the ticket for girlfriends deserving a gift that is slightly less costly than flowers or jewelry. Plus, high school/college kids on that kind of budget rarely have taste, and that’s how you make money. How do I know? A woman never tells, but I have my sources.

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