The possibility of The King’s Speech being altered for a PG-13 rating has been in the news lately as the Oscars have pushed the film to the forefront and families have begun seeing the flick. For those not in the know, there is a section of the film where Colin Firth angrily drops a slew of “F bombs" before he manages to get his vocals under control. Fuck that, the moment isn’t like the “F bomb" dropping in Boondock Saints. It isn’t gratuitous or silly, and it is integral to the story in The King’s Speech. Luckily, director Tom Hooper has calmly stated the film will not be changed for further release, and with that settled, Anchor Bay Home Entertainment has coupled with The Weinstein Company to bring the film to home audiences.

The King’s Speech, R rating and all, will be hitting DVD and Blu-Ray on April 19th. Special features won’t be extensive, but will include commentary with Tom Hooper, a “making of” segment, and a biographic section on the real-life King George VI.

“F bombs" or no, The King’s Speech provides a glimpse into history, and it would be a shame to keep your kids from seeing it because at one point the King cusses up a storm. The DVD and Blu-Ray are already on sale for pre-order on Amazon right now, but if that’s still too expensive, get to the theater. Now.

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