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Paranormal Activity 2 Paranormals Harder On Blu-ray And DVD This February

Given how much buzz the original Paranormal Activity got, there was little question that a sequel was inevitable. Sure enough, this year brought a follow-up in the form of Paranormal Activity 2. It's telling but entirely unsurprising that original writer/director Oren Peli's only nabbed a producer credit this time, with a new director and three -- count 'em, three -- new screenwriters attached. More wasn't necessarily better, however, since reviewers weren't nearly as praiseworthy of the second installment as they were of the original. But hey, this is a horror movie, and as long as it's scary, do the reviews even matter to most moviegoers? Besides, it could have been could have been Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows (one of the only movies I have ever walked out of).

Paranormal Activity 2 is actually a prequel, covering the early days of Katie and Micah's ghost problems. You'd think if the footage is really as terrifying as advertised, they would have called someone. The flick will be hitting shelves February 8th as both a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack ($29.99) and a regular DVD set ($19.99). Both options will include the theatrical cut of the movie alongside a new unrated version, as well as some "newly found footage."