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Tower defense game Plants vs. Zombies is spreading to yet another platform. Sony confirmed today that PopCap Games' hit will be appearing on the PlayStation Vita.

"Surprise! Plants vs Zombies is coming to PS Vita," said the official PlayStation Twitter earlier today. They also included a picture (below) of a girl playing PvZ on a PlayStation Vita and smiling her ass off. That could be you!

In PvZ, players must stop zombies from invading a house and eating the inhabitants brains. Players use plants, rather than the traditional shotgun, to fend off the undead. They must place rows of plants with different abilities in order to survive waves of enemies.

The PS Vita will launch on February 22nd in United States, Canada, Latin America, and Europe. Considering PvZ is a port, I suspect you won't have to wait long after that to buy the Vita version.

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