Well, 2013 was certainly a big year for video games. The 3DS and Vita really hit their stride, home consoles got some late-life classics and, with the arrival of two new gaming machines, 2014 is looking to be just as awesome. So which games from the past 12 months were the best?

I always get a kick out of writing these annual write-ups because of how preposterous they are in the first place. Like reviews, these types of list are 100 percent subjective, meaning that the criteria and selections are entirely up to the person doing the jabbering.

That being the case, I always like to look at these yearly wraps as a chance to say: What games did I get the most out of this past year? Which games will stick with me the longest? Which ones kept me grinning or, groan-worthy as this sentence may be, which ones really made me think?

Remember that I'm just one guy and, as such, have not played every single damn game that came out this year. I've even had to miss out on some of the big ones, like GTA V, simply because it didn't fit into my schedule. You may even notice that some of the big PC indie games that everyone is talking about aren't on my list, simply for the fact that my computer is good for typing, and that's about it. And you know that one game that you really, really loved this year and are going to be furious not to see it on a list like this? There's a pretty good chance I either didn't play it or just didn't like it that much. Sorry about that. It turns out we're all different people and there's no such thing as “the best games of the year.”

That being said, I did play a metric ton of games this year, and a handful of them quickly sprang to the foreground when I asked myself which ones should make it on this list. And, without further adieu, here they are in no particular order.

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