On some best-of” lists you might expect to see Call of Duty: Ghosts, because some people think Commando Lassie is progressive and innovative, or maybe they were mesmerized by the fish A.I., but you won't find games like that or Remember Me, which I forgot about – or the typical AAA titles on this list. I'm not going full hipster on you but given the crappy selection of 2013's offerings (and I'm discounting Early Access games because they aren't finished) I settled for a bunch of games that never would have made it on a “Best of” list had this been any other year.

This isn't to discredit the games on my list, it's just to say that they're not quite the most memorable titles compared to some historic gems of yesteryears. Still, I had enough fun playing them and I enjoyed them more than most other titles this year and that isn't really saying too much because there was a lot of crap that spewed forth from the mouth of the mainstream publishers.

And no, games like Battlefield 4, Assassin's Creed IV or even Grand Theft Auto V won't be on this list, because there's no way in a fingered-up blue moon that a game barely pushing 20 consistent frames per second and entertaining more pop-in than hazy images of Richard Pryor's ghost at a BET all-stars hash party will make this 2013 “Best Of” cut. When Rockstar decides to man-up and put the game on a real platform then it'll make my end of the year list. That certainly doesn't mean this list will be filled to the brim with hipster indie titles so hip that they'll make you see colors in a tree-hugger's rainbow that won't exist in our known visual spectrum until a 100 years from now, but it does mean that this will mostly be AAA-deficient, save for one game. So for now, all of you will just have to – in the words of the great and powerful (but currently unemployed) Adam Orth – deal with it. ”The
The Last of Us
Was it not obvious that this game had to make the list? This is the proverbial “must have” game on any “Best of 2013” list for the simple fact that you would have to be paid off to think that it wasn't one of the good games of the year. In fact, compared to the rest of the buffet of AAA titles that surrounded its release throughout the year, the only one that came even partially close was GTA V, and even that didn't actually come as close as some might have thought. Naughty Dog's PS3 swan song was done in such a classy, poignant, character-driven way that it almost made you ignore the linear corridor-style level design, atrocious AI and limited playability mechanics. Still, the game was so well crafted and visually captivating that it was easy to ignore the faults in order to get pulled into the game's universe and ever-evolving characters. It was a real treat compared to a lot of the other dredge released this year, even though it wasn't perfect. And if I was going to have one Doritos-friendly game on the list, this would obviously have to be it.

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