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Rumors have been flying around for months about a new and improved Sony PlayStation 4, nicknamed PlayStation Neo, and finally the chief executive of Sony has stepped forward to confirm details about the mysterious console.

Sony executive Andrew House spoke about Neo in an interview with Financial Times, saying that yes, the new PlayStation Neo does exist and is real, but it won't be unveiled at E3 like everyone thinks.

House did go on to say that the console will be sold alongside the regular PS4 and will include a faster processor, 4K resolution support and enhanced graphics.

It is peculiar that Sony isn't planning to announce the new console at E3, seeing as their competition, Microsoft, sounds like they're ready to unveil their own version of the Neo, codenamed Scorpio, and a possible new streaming device during E3.

Sony has usually always been at the top of their game when it came to marketing a new product. Some still argue that the PlayStation 4 was far more successful than the Xbox One. So it's interesting to hear that Sony won't be unveiling Neo at E3 when Xbox could very well have its competitive console waiting to make its debut. So what exactly is Sony going to use to shoot back at Microsoft when they do debut Scorpio? It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out.

When Sony first debuted the PS4 and Microsoft debuted the Xbox One, Xbox obviously had the better line-up of games. The PS4's launch titles weren't that great and made me wonder if the PS4 would be able to recover from a poor selection of launch titles. But they came back and grew into a monstrous force to be reckoned with. I'm hoping the same thing happens with these dueling super-consoles. And while PlayStation has the PSVR to look forward to this fall, Xbox still has yet to debut some kind of VR plan, and E3 might be the time that they do. I think Sony has plenty to compete with Xbox, and they're usually pretty good at executing those plans.

We'll continue to keep you updated in case, by some chance, Sony does decide to announce Neo at E3.

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